When quite a young man he had been given to drink, and was riotous when he had had too much; but after he married he gave up drinking. In God Sees the Truth, But Waits by Leo Tolstoy we have the theme of guilt, forgiveness, faith, conflict, freedom and acceptance. Narrated in the. Literary Analysis of God Sees the Truth, But Waits by Leo Tolstoy Short Story Analysis Course Supervised by Assist. Prof. Dr. Behbud Muhammedzade Prepared.

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Ivan experiences an inner struggle whether to tell the truth or not, from one side he wishes to reveal the truth to take his avenge upon Makar, but at the same time, he decides not to tell it as he thinks he might be wrong for his suspension of Makar being the true murderer of the merchant. Then the trial came on: Aksionov wondered why he was asked all these questions, but he described all that had happened, and then added, “Why do you cross-question me as if I were a thief or a robber?

These years were considered as golden era for him in which he wrote some of his best known novels such as War and Peace. Aksionov glanced at Makar Semyonich, and said, “I cannot say, your honour.

There was the image of his wife as she was when he parted from her to go to the fair. Then she drew her children to her, and sat down near him. However, instead of taking the route of vengeance and turning the man in, Aksionov reluctantly refuses; he believes it is not God’s will that he send Semyonich to punishment. He felt terribly unhappy, and all sorts of images good in his mind.


In the evening the old prisoners collected round the new ones and asked them what towns or villages they came from, and what they were sentenced for.

After his trial flogging, his wife can finally visit him, and she sees that Aksionov’s hair has begun to go gray from the stress.

Literary Analysis of God Sees the Truth but Waits | Osama Duski –

Yet, in the second part of the story Ivan confronts with the authority again while they discover a secret tunnel made for eloping. So overwhelmed is Semyonitch that he not only begs Aksyonof for forgiveness but also sese the authorities that he was the one who killed the merchant.

Among the rest Aksionov sat down near the newcomersand listened with downcast air to what was said. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Next day, when the convicts were led out to work, the convoy soldiers noticed that one or other of the prisoners emptied some earth out of his boots.

The reality may be that Aksyonof was already a free man. It was not Aksionov’s habit to sleep late, and, wishing to travel while it was still cool, he aroused his driver before dawn, and told him to put in the horses.

Ivan does not forgive him at the first, Makar beats his head on the floor and starts sobbing.

Best Russian Short Stories/God Sees the Truth, but Waits – Wikisource, the free online library

Thus, this paper aims to analyze the story literary and provide necessary illustration. In spite of what Aksionov had said, Makar Semyonich yruth his guilt.

Please try again later. Enquiries as to his character were made in Vladimir. I have nowhere to ttolstoy. God Sees the Truth, But Waits. After seeing the pity Aksionov has on him, Semyonich begs him for forgiveness.


Unfortunately, Aksionov dies before he can reach home, but he dies in peace. Did you see the other merchant this morning? Ivan as well weeps and forgives him.

Until one night, Ivan sees some earth rolling out from the shelves where the prisoners sleep. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. My wife is dead, and my children have forgotten me. Resigned to his plight, he dedicates his life to God. English Choose a language for shopping. Materialism and Spirituality Ivan begins as a material being unaware of his spiritual nature as being described full of fun.

Literature: God Sees the Truth, but Waits (Leo Tolstoy)

In prison Aksionov learnt to make boots, and earned a little money, with which he bought The Lives of the Saints. Public domain Public domain false false. It was not Aksionov’s habit to sleep late, and, wishing to travel while it was still cool, he aroused his driver before dawnand told him to put in the horses.

When he had travelled half-way, he met a merchant whom he knew, and they put up at the same inn for the night. Now I have been sent here for nothing at all. All his mirth went; he stooped; he walked slowly, spoke little, and never laughed, but he often prayed.