Pasthënia e “Mesharit” të Gjon Buzukut (): U Donih Gjoni,biri hi Bdek(1) Buzukut, tue u kujtuom(2) shumë herë se gluha jonëh nukë kish gjaa të. There is much to discuss on the subject of the “Meshari” by Gjon Buzuku. Leaving history to the historians and language to the linguists, we will. General info: Page from Buzuku’s Meshari Size: KB Dimension: x pixels. Source: Page scanned by Dori from the book Historia e.

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Leaving history to the historians and language to the linguists, we will try to give a summary of the first time, the first Albanian book came to its linguistic home. It has since become an important piece of national identity and discussion and several copies have been reproduced.

This event fell under the umbrella of celebrations for years of Independence. Either way, that money came directly from the highest reserve fund at the gjkn of the council of ministers, through diplomatic negotiations and adhering to official standards, clearly means that having the book for 25 days in November was a top Government priority — in terms of time, protocol, budget and other resources to say the least.

File:Buzuku meshari.jpg

Information was scant, and left some visitors wondering what they were looking at and why it was on display. Visited in a day people, visiting dignitaries, scholars, schoolchildren and students.


One media outlet reported that 25, visitors came in the 25 days of exhibition, while others reported 19,and one even stated visitors per day which adds up to 12, Here we encounter a major difference in numbers — ranging from 12,!

Was it a day, 1, 3,? Who has the official numbers, and why is the public given numbers varying by 13, people? By the public seeing these texts, we may soon see the rise of a new literary tradition, increased readership and an atmosphere more conducive to reading and writing, or we may well see an increase in the strength of the Catholic faith in Albania.

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These effects, however, will not be felt right away, if at all. Needless to say, this was not a highly interactive exhibit, but more like some kind of strange, unclear pilgrimage.

The director also thanked the government and the Prime Minister who supported and facilitated the event. That being said, we can only make our immediate evaluations based on the numbers, but of course, the numbers do not match. To simplify things, we could look to the buzkuu of visitors that continued in to the library to borrow a book, or get a membership?


Pasthënia e Mesharit

How did the library as an institution use this opportunity to enhance not only its status as an exhibition place which it didbut also its sustainability through membership? Will this activity lead to an increase in registered readers for ?

Using the above statistical summary, we can estimate, that in the library hosts no less than to activities per year. Indeed this activity will go into the history books, but mainly just because it happened.

Of the thousands of regular people who viewed the book in the exhibition, very few would likely walk bzuuku with a meaningful experience. December 10, January 18, Ekphrasis Studio.

Legacy Indeed this activity will go into the history books, but mainly just because it happened. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

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