George Nicholas Papanicolaou was born in Kimi on the island of Euboea. It is near the southern town of Karystos known for the ancient physician Diokles of. Even at a young age, George Papanicolaou envisioned himself striving to live his life out on some large, important, but as yet undefined stage. After receiving his. Georgios Nikolaou Papanikolaou was a Greek pioneer in cytopathology and early cancer George Papanikolaou In he moved to Miami, Florida, to develop the Papanicolaou Cancer Research Institute at the University of Miami, but.

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George Nicholas Papanicolaou Greek-American Physician G eorge Nicholas Papanicolaou was the originator of the Pap test used in the diagnosis of cervical cancer.

For the next two years, he cared for leprosy patients on the outskirts of his hometown. Upon examination of a slide made from a smear of the patient’s vaginal fluid, Papanicolaou discovered that abnormal cancer cells could be plainly observed under a microscope.

[George Nicholas Papanicolaou].

In the ‘s, George Papanicolaou began to publish his studies on the structure, function, papanicilaou transformation of cells as viewed under a microscope a branch of biology known as cytology. George Nicholas Papanicolaou stamp May 18, However, this potential medical breakthrough was initially met with scepticism and resistance from the scientific community, and it was not until the early s that large-scale screening using Pap smear began.

Papanicolaou and Herbert Traut: InPapanicolaou earned a Ph. By January research had begun but unfortunately he suffered a heart attack in February and died, three months after moving to Miami.


He attended school in Athens from the age of 11, and in entered the University of Athens to study humanities and music. If so, one should be able to obtain the necessary information from the vaginal secretions.

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George Nicholas Papanicolaou |

He thus became known for his invention of the Papanicolaou test, commonly known as the Pap smear or Pap test nicjolas, which is used worldwide for the detection and prevention of cervical cancer and other cytologic diseases of the female reproductive system.

You do not currently have access to this article Login Please login to access the full content. The value of this pattern, expressing evolutionary steps in the development of cancer at individual cell levels, was not appreciated.

George’s violin playing at restaurants and coffee-shops supplied them with a few extra cents. What is an eponym? However, Papanicolaou wanted to work in medical science, and in he went to Georye, Germany, for postgraduate study at the Zoological Institute in Munich, the greatest zoological research centre in the world at that time.

When his mother died inhe returned to Greece and served as an army physician during the Balkan War. Sign in via your Institution. The fact that malignant cells could be seen under the microscope was first pointed out in a book on diseases of the lung, by Walter Hayle Walshe —92professor and physician to University College Hospital, London, in InPapanicolaou and clinical gynecologist Herbert F. George Papanicolaou Biography [Accessed February 24, ].


[George Nicholas Papanicolaou].

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Here he married Andromache Mavroyeni who went by the name Mary, the daughter of a high-ranking military officer. American Journal of Anatomy, Papanicolaou first reported in that he could recognise cancer cells but the importance of his findings geodge not generally accepted and he abandoned the work for some years.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Ultimately, the Pap smear became a routine, clinical diagnostic test. Thus what was probably the first Pap smear — from a guinea pig.

George Nicholas Papanicolaou

The acceptance of diagnostic cytology as a valuable vanguard tool in medicine was largely due to the work of Dr. Therefore, although Babes publication preceded Papanicolaou, the design of the Pap test belongs to Papanicolaou since he had already tried it in in “Women’s Hospital”. Cornell University New York Hospital. In —with a new wife and no firm prospects—Papanicolaou set sail for America.

George did eventually find a position in a hospital laboratory and by was working at Cornell Medical College in the anatomy department—where, also, he was eventually able to bring his wife Mary to work as his assistant.