Buy Gefran PID Temperature Controller, 96 x 48 (1/8 DIN)mm, 2 Output Relay, V ac, V ac Supply Voltage ON/OFF RR Browse our. setting up the Gefran controller for the application referenced above. Additional software and hardware configuration information can be found in the User’s. Gefran controllers are built with SMT technology. The instrument provides a complete operator interface, protected by a Lexan® membrane that ensures.

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Page 15 -Easy- Configuration Fourth menu to set up This menu is used to configurare the control parameters in the Easy mode. Technical-commercial Information Gefran Customer Care Service is contacted for assistance with any problems.

Electric heating with power solid state relay. A second auxiliary analog input from current transformer is available. Output Virtual instrument outputs S.


Enhanced software and hardware allow a high degree of user configurability. Acquisition of the input signal msec.

Gefran Customer Care Service is contacted for assistance with any problems. Heat-Cool Control Application example: The instrument is supplied with an “EASY” configuration calling for just a few parameters only those pertaining to the model ordered and essential to the controller’s operation.


Press to access the parameters of the selected menu. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Example of connection with TC input. Integral heating time [0. The instrument provides up to 4 outputs: In this way, you just have to 1020 the setpoint and the alarm, then launch self-tuning with the specific button.

Gefran 1200 Instructions For Use Manual

This manual also for: It can be one of two types: Page of 40 Go. Level 1 Display Menu The instrument’s entire grfran procedure is made easier by grouping the parameters in function blocks CFG for control parameters, Inp for inputs, Out for outputs, etc. By tuning the three gefrah in the PID controller algorithm, the controller can provide control action designed for specific process requirements. Level 1 display Menu Description Universal input configurable from faceplate Accuracy better than 0.

It is enabled by means of configuration code AL. Know what the controller is doing: An additional output 24VDC, 30mA max.

When pressing down none Name Gefran eXpress Software Quantity: Cencal Memory Map – Catalogue Click here for advanced filter options. Documentation – Previous versions. Gefran Temperature Controller: Warnings and instructions for. In addition to the control and alarm outputs, you can also have outputs that repeat the state of the digital or retransmission input by process variable, setpoint, deviation, alarm trip getran and values acquired via serial line. The instrument can also select the parameters to be displayed based on its hardware configuration, which automatically hides irrelevant parameters.


Plastic Blow Moulding Machine The purpose of a temperature control loop is to maintain the process temperature accurately at a determined level. The contents of each section are summarized. Clicking on a tag will display a list of all products with that tag applied.

Installation with panel mounting. An analog output in voltage or in current is also available. The purpose of a temperature control loop is to maintain the process temperature accurately at a determined level. It getran particularly in combined heat-cool control applications where the advanced algorithms come into play, allowing an extremely narrow band between heating and cooling without causing overlap.

Choose from a wide range of software-selectable inputs, including V and mA.: