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The energy contained in a volume dV is when the geometry is that shown in the figure. The energy from this source that emerges through a hole of area dA is.

From this we get.

Gasiorowicz Quantum Physics 3rd ed – Solutions

The maximum energy loss for the photon occurs in a head-on collision, with the photon scattered backwards. Let the energy of the recoiling proton be E. We write the equation for momentum conservation, assuming that the initial photon moves in the x —direction and the final photon in the y-direction. When this is multiplied by c2 we get. The square of the energy conservation equation, with E expressed in terms of momentum and mass reads.

The energy of the X-ray photon is therefore. With the nucleus initially at rest, the recoil momentum of the nucleus must be equal and opposite to that of the emitted photon.

The recoil energy is. So that the angle is 10o. The total energy is therefore. Note that V0 drops out of the result. This makes sense if one looks at a picture of the potential in the limit of large k.


The presence of V0 is there to provide something with the dimensions of an energy. The energy gap between low-lying levels of rotational spectra is of the order of.

The integral can be looked up. These are very large numbers. We may therefore use the same formula as in problem 5, that is. We require that the left hand side of this equation is negative. This does not tell us much about ImV x except that it cannot be positive everywhere. If it has a fixed sign, it must be negative.

Note that this integral vanishes for n an odd integer, because the rest of the integrand is even.

In working this out we have shamelessly interchanged orders of integration. The justification of this is gasorowicz the wave functions are expected to go to zero at infinity faster than any power of xand this is also true of the momentum space wave functions, in their dependence on qujtica.

The longest wavelength corresponds to the lowest frequency. Thus the energy eigenvalues are given by En above with n even. There is a typo in the statement of the problem.

Fisica quantica – Stephen Gasiorowicz – Google Books

The fsjca should be restricted to odd integers. The normalization constant is obtained by requiring that. The calculation of C2 is trivial. Hence Sfica will be zero. To confirm this, we need to show that the distribution is strongly peaked for large n. The exact agreement is fortuitous, since both the definition of the width and the numerical statement of the uncertainty relation are somewhat elastic. This is a sum of a flux to the right associated with A eikx and a flux to the left associated with Be-ikx.


Now the eigenfunctions for a box symmetric about the x axis have a definite parity. Since the integral is over an interval symmetric under this exchange, it is zero.

Now the scalar product is. As shown in Problemthis corresponds to a flux. Both fluxes are independent of x.

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Flux conservation implies that the two are equal, and this leads to the relationship. These are just the conditions obtained above. They imply that the matrix Str is unitary, and therefore the matrix S is unitary.

We have solve the problem of finding R and T for this potential well in the text. We dealt with wave function of the form. We can easily check that. This confirms that the S matrix here is unitary. Tags Gasiorowicz Quantum Physics