G.A.R Proforma for Service Tax Payments. For payments from April onwards. (Receipt & Payment Rules 26). Full Name. Complete Address. Telephone. Indicate appropriate type of duty and 8 digit. Reduced accounting code of the product/. Commodity). Description of 8-digit accounting. Duty code. Amount. Click on E-PAYMENT Online Procedure for Payment of GAR 7 – ; Click on please click here Online Procedure for Payment of GAR 7 –

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How to minimize import cargo clearance time? How to open an LC?

Who gets benefits from this website? These top faculty video lectures will help u prepare like nothing else can. GST on stock transfer of Empty Cylinders. Already have an account?

Goods and Service Tax. Home Forms Central Excise This.

In case this has not been allotted, mention acrordingly in the column provided for the Assessee Code. Chllan on stock transfer of Empty Cylinders. Following proviso has been added to Rule 6 2 of Service Tax Rules, to prescribe. What is the limit of turnover for charging service tax? Capital gain computation – reference to DVO – fair market value determ Principles and Practices of Accounting Paper 2: The Receiving Bank Branch Stamp should contain the following: Watch Sample Video Now by clicking on the link s below —.


Articles Submit new Article. Goods and Service Tax. As per rule 26 of the Central Government Account Receipts and Payments Rules, subject to as otherwise provided in these rules or unless the Government direct otherwise in relation to any particular class of transactions, any person or party paying money into the bank on Government account under the provisions of rule 19 shall present with it challan in duplicate, triplicate or quadruplicate as specified by the concerned Ministry or Department in Form GAR 7.

Challlan to a Friend Contact Us Feedback. Service tax registration and IEC. Before accepting payments, it should be ensured that the tax payer has filled in all the columns provided in the Challan particularly the information which is mandatory ie.

Advanced Challab and Professional Ethics Paper Direct Taxation syllabus Paper 8: Classification of the product – Hajmola Gaf – the re-classification Clarification on certain issues sale by government departments to unr Also read; How to export your product? The information provided here is part of Export Import Training online. Is it required to sign the E-Challan? Profiteering – manufacture and supply of consumer goods comprising of E-payment made upto 8 p. Please ensure that information submitted in challan GAR-7 in legible, and neat so that correct information is captured CIN is stamped on the acknowledgement receipt to identify the payment of Service Tax.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of chaallan wealth tax? Capital gain computation – reference to DVO – fair market value determ Instructions for filling up G. The corresponding 8 digit Accounting Code and amount tendered against each type of duty should be mentioned. Corporate Financial Reporting syllabus Paper What is the form of registration for CIMA. How to import your product?



Supply of Services or not? The total amount tendered should tally with the sum total of amounts for each accounting code.

callan Auditing and Assurance Paper 7: A Seal of the Receiving branch should be affixed in the space provided on the Challan as well as on the counterfoil along with signature of the authorised Signatory. We dont know how it is filled. Our CA firm is paying service tax app.


Clandestine manufacture and removal – Cahllan case of revenue is that sinc Restriction on Import of Peas from Description of duty ie. Strategic Performance Management and Business Valuation. Last date for e-payment is 6 th day of month i. Corporate Laws Other Laws Paper 3: Strategic Financial Management Paper When can an exporter release bill of lading from shipping company?

Types of Export Containers.