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I just did that in June of this year, This kind of procedure origin from traditional Clan heraldry where a group of knights of the Clan used same coat of arms and it was logical during medieval time and when Clan politics made sense. Historians of XVIII-XX century called a coat of arms modified Ostoja sometimes just because there where two moons in the shield or sometimes just because they wished to give the coat of arms a name.

Mysterious Aerial Lights and Beams in Pennsylvania Woods |

This list is linking families together according to the sources. I knew that Jupiter and Venus were not going to be in conjunction for another month. I have a living room that is glass on three sides. See September 25,video, Part 2 at: They look like meteors without trails that hang around in the trees until take off. F or further information about unidentified aerial lights and beams, please see extensive to Earthfiles Archive a few examples below.

Latest published Armorial of Sir Gajl is almost galactic work and internet version contains also As an alternative, get only one package, accept it property and match it using a meal. If any other manmade thing flies over, you can hear it coming a mile down the road and it shakes your walls. The hums seem to come from underground.


Spis rodzin Ostoi

Those families are listed in the publication of Gajl and in most cases by Znamierowski or are listed by Lyczkowski in “Herbarz szlachty Bialoruskiej, ed ” but cannot be taken into consideration without further examination. So, I had her draw it and she drew a classic disc-shape with a row of chasing white lights back and forth on the bottom, like strobing back and forth, back and forth.

Adding Lithuanian side with old medieval families, the number should be no bigger than 70 families alltogehter. That September 25,object hovered over Murrysville and traveled at approximately 20 miles per hour out of town, using what sounded like a small Cessna-type engine. The beam looks like it is shining through an opening in the branches of the tree. Almost all land possessions where situated very close to each other forming small islands of properties and different lines of the Clan – read more.

I had it on a tripod that night. Therefore, almost every new coat of arms was given a name adding that it is modified and it become standard procedure during XVIII-XX century. That was the first night I tried using it. The girls were sled riding in the yard. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Mysterious Aerial Lights and Beams in Pennsylvania Woods

Dodane dnia Some of families listed below are part of this list simply because their CoA is listed as Ostoja with modification odmiana herbu Ostoja. Unity of those families, common policy regarding education and solidarity made the Clan of Ostoja superior in late medieval time.

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In both instances of the aerial lights mimicking human airplanes, the green right side navigation light was left out. Ostoja do Rodu Ostoja.

It pops a little light out and then another one comes out. It was a cold night and I had the car running with the heater on next to me about 4 to 5 feet from where I was standing with the camera on the tripod. With all the vast amount of data available on the internet, it could be very overwhelming at first. Then this object turned on a rather low-volume jet engine noise.


Families that joined the Clan of Ostoja, families are of ancient origin. Those lines origin from ancient families and Lords. And that might have been what made the vapor-type smoke that is wafting past the tree afterwards. Video frames of aerial light emitting strong beam on October 10,in Murrysville, Pennsylvania.

It is the most interesting list to be used for further research and verification as it contains names taken from almost all available sources. Adidas Sl Loop White And Black It may seem as if it is that you simply up against the entire world, in relation to coping with car insurance.

And I, of course, would have heard a man-made craft if it was one at that short of distance. I went and looked in the daytime and there are some brown leaves, but nothing that looked curled or burned. H ot links to other related Earthfiles reports: In the work of Dziadulewicz there are few other families that are also linked to Ostoja, although not veryfied.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I got a couple of other objects and you galaktyzcna to play around with focusing because you have to focus the camera, focus the scope and focus the magnifier lens.