Editorial Reviews. From the Author. When I decided to work on this book, I conversed about the. Ibn ʿArabi (26 July – 16 November ), full name Abū ʿAbd Allāh Muḥammad ibn . in Mecca for three years. It was in Mecca that he started writing his work Al-Futūḥāt al-Makkiyya (الفتوحات المكية, “The Meccan Illuminations”). فتوحات-مکیہ-اردو-ترجمہ-Futuhat-al-Makkiyya-Urdu. Uploaded by Invincible_1. Copyright: Attribution Non-Commercial (BY-NC). Download as PDF or read online.

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The woman inclines to the man since she was created from the rib, and the rib has curvature and inclination.

Ibn Arabi’s Futuhat al-makkiyya in Urdu

The wali knew that to due to whoever inhabits the place is either in the state of the noble angels or sincere jinn, or it is due the himma of the one who visits it when it is no longer there – like the house of Abu Yazid which was called “The House of the Pious”, or the zawiyya of al-Junayd al-makkiyja Shuniziyya, or the cave of Ibn Adham at Yaqin and other places of the righteous who have departed from this world while their traces remain in their places affecting subtle hearts.

This ayat is part of “all the words” and “distinction of speech” which was given to Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace. The jinn still procreate and we still procreate. If not, how could every Divine Name be a lord to the one who serves it?

Ibn Arabi – Wikipedia

Hundreds of manuscripts of this work exist in various libraries of the world, the most important of them futuhay the manuscript of Konya, written by its author. Then these two names turned to the thing from which the example mithal exists in the universe itself without it being from prior non-existence, but rather a prior rank, not a prior existence – like the rising of the sun preceding the beginning of the day.


So if la-makkiyya speaks of me as a slave, I am the poor slave. In-time and out-of-time known things are not known until this reality is known, but this reality does not exist until the things described by it exist.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikisource. It is like you saying, “This thing is so many arm-lengths of the King,” meaning the greatest arm-length which the King makes, even though, for instance, the arm of al-makkiya King is the limb, like people’s limbs and the arm-span which the he makes is grater than the King’s limb by a half or its like.

The first successful attempt at translating al-Futuhat al-Makkiyya was made by Muhammad Fazal Khan Changwi — al-makkiyy, who started publishing his translation in in installments of pages each, which had to be stopped in due to lack of funds.

It is in every existent according to its universal reality. The natural and surface movement of the spheres Every sphere vutuhat a natural movement which it has along with the surface movement. Our model, which is the same as His knowledge of us, is out-of-time with the out-of-timeness of Allah because it is an attribute of His, and in-timeness does not concern Him. They are the ‘first keys’ which only He knows.

Sight perceives colours, coloured things and individuals according to the known limit of proximity and distance. So in the faculty of imagination, nothing is acquired except what the senses give it or what the fuhuhat faculty gives it.

The Muhyiddin Ibn ‘Arabi Society

So all that remains is that that tradition has one of the aspects of disconnection which Allah recognises and it is brought to Arab understanding in whose tongue the Qur’an was revealed. This imaginative faculty continues as long as it has perception from the senses. Because of the air which is in the jinn, they can assume whatever form they al-makliyya.


His source existed in the dust.

A,-makkiyya first thing that Allah brought into existence in source-forms which is connected to the knowledge and management of these angels is the Universal Body. If someone with a heart were to enter it for a single hour, it would have that.

First published in Copyright Office website, http: There is no night like my night and no light like my light. Then habitation will move to the Next Abode since man has moved there. Then you know absolutely that this name is not that other name by that subtle quality latifa which you used to differentiate between the grains of wheat and everything which is similar.

It is the Highest Pen which Allah originated from nothing. It is the same with all these names.

Printed editions of the Futūhāt al-Makkiyya

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. My existence reports about me, although speech can be both truth and lie. Perhaps it has not been disclosed or specified and I do not know whether it will be given to anyone after me or not from rutuhat presence which gave it to me.

It is said, “So-and-so has a good in the business,” meaning he is firm. Then Allah manifested Himself by His light to that dust. However when the anthropormorphist and assimilator ascribe that to him, you negate that attribution.