Camera manuals and free digital camera pdf instructions. Find the user manual you need for your camera and more at ManualsOnline. Owner’s manual this manual will show you how to use your fujifilm digital camera finepix f31fd correctly. please follow the instructions images that. Refer to Owner’s Manual for more detailed instructions. Battery release You can use this camera to view still images recorded on FinePix F31fd or still images .

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Please follow the instructions carefully. Notes on the Grant: Nothing contained herein shall be construed, expressly or implicitly, as transferring or granting any right, license, or title to you other than those explicitly granted under this Agreement.

Heesenstrasse 31 Dusseldorf, Germany declare that the product Product Name: Power Supply and Battery When you are at the beach amnual close to water, make sure that the camera is not damaged by water or sand.

About this Manual e Macro Close-up Use this mode to take close-up shots. Press e p mabual to cancel Macro mode. Y appears on the LCD monitor when the internal memory is active. Loading the Battery Battery is required to operate the digital camera. At first, load the battery in the camera. Make sure that the indicators are aligned. Push the battery release catch aside while loading the battery. Check that the battery is firmly held in place.

FujiFilm FinePix F31fd Manuals

Close the battery cover. Camera operation during charging When connection is completed, battery charging begins. Charging ends after about 4 hours. There is a slot for the xD- Picture Card inside the mxnual compartment.

Open the battery cover. Press the shutter button down halfway to return to Photography mode. Setting the language, date, and time When using the camera for the first time after purchasing, manuaal language, date, and time are cleared.

Set the language, date, and time. Turning On and Off Change the date format. Turn the camera on.

Fuji Finepix F31fd Service Manual

B Set the Mode dial to q. Holding the camera correctly Brace your elbows against your sides and hold the camera with both hands. Check the composition on the LCD monitor.

To adjust zoom scale using the Zoom button: F31dd indicator lamp blinks orange during charging. Z Indicator lamp display The indicator lamp lights or blinks when pressing the shutter button, etc. The indicator lamp shows the camera status. Intelligent Face Detection is effective with the camera held horizontally or vertically.


If you want to focus on another subject, move the camera so that the new subject is in the center of the screen. Subjects not suitable for autofocus FinePix F31fd uses a high-precision autofocusing mechanism. However, it may have difficulty focusing on the following: FinePix F31fd, a present icon appears on the screen.

A frame appears around the face that detected by FinePix F31fd. Press Intelligent Face Detection to alternate the detected face. The images fujii with a camera other than FinePix F31fd, the frame does not appear.

Z Zoom scales Quality mode Max. Viewing the Images Sorting by date In sorting by date mode, you can view all images taken on the same day. Using the erase button Pressing n erases images easily. F13fd the Photography Functions — Procedure of Setting Specify the camera settings for taking pictures to get the best result. A general guide is given below. Select the Photography mode. Turn the Mode dial to select the Photography mode. The camera settings are tailored to the scene being shot.

Pressing buttons or selecting menu allows you to specify photography functions. You can obtain the best result for shooting.

Setting the Shooting Mode You can select the most suitable setting according to the subject by selecting one of the Shooting modes. Use this mode for ordinary photography.

Shooting with flash allows you to take a picture of a main subject brightly. Shooting without flash produces beautiful images that retain the natural ambience. It gives priority to faster shutter speeds. Setting the Shooting Mode Select the exposure time. B Press p or q to select the exposure time. C Press D to confirm the setting. Use this mode to shoot 25 25 fireworks. Setting the Shooting Mode BEACH Use this mode to prevent darkening images and provide crisp, clear shots, when shooting at beach under strong sunlight.

It is effective for taking more vivid shots of ocean blue. It is effective for taking more vivid shots of flower petal. Setting the Shooting Mode Picture Stabilization Use this mode fkji select a fast shutter speed that reduces camera shake and moving-subject blurring.

When this occurs, adjust the aperture setting again. F 8 F 8 Lit red When the brightness of the 25 Use this mode to freeze a moving subject fast shutter speed or convey the impression of movement slow shutter speed. Fujii the motion of the Fast subject. Choose from 6 flash modes according to the type of shot. MEMO By calculating subject distance and brightness, the camera automatically adjusts the flash amount and sensitivity to suit shooting conditions.

To prevent camera shake, always use a tripod. Using n synchronizes Red-eye reduction mode. If you manua pictures outside of the effective flash range, the image may appear dark even if the flash is used. A picture is taken after the self-timer lamp changes from lit to blinking only blinks with the 2-second self- timer. A countdown appears on the LCD monitor indicating the time remaining until the picture manyal taken. Taking pictures with the self- timer and Intelligent Face Detection function Available Photography modes: Adjusting the Image Brightness D Exposure Compensation Use this menu for shots to get the correct brightness exposuresuch as shots vuji extremely high contrast between the subject and the background.


Press j n again to return to normal LCD monitor brightness. You can take pictures in a wide g31fd of conditions. B Press n or o to select the menu. The larger value of the sensitivity, the higher sensitivity is obtained. The S ISO higher sensitivity settings will allow you to take pictures in darker locations. The higher sensitivity settings will allow you to take pictures in darker locations. Select the quality setting for the scene being shot. It is effective for taking vivid shots or black and white shots.

Select the white balance be using white paper to suit the shooting conditions. This mode shoots up to 3 frames max.

This mode shoots up amnual xD-Picture Card or internal memory end. You can send the data to another device in the same way. A Turn the camera on. You can send the image data by simply pressing p three f31ff. You can receive data from another device in the same way. You can select playback interval and type of image transition.


The recorded specifications include information on which frames are to be printed. This section gives a detailed description of how to order your prints with FinePix F31fd. Some printers do not support date and time imprinting or specification of the number of prints.

An image can be rotated only when playing back using F31d F31fd. You may not be able to rotate images that were shot with a camera other than the FinePix F31fd. A Press p or q to select the rotating frame file.

The remaining recording time appears during recording. Playing back voice memo A Press p or q to select an image file with a voice memo.