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I had read some good things about FTL’s earliest edition. The author had a big hand in The Morrow Project (which receives a cameo in the FTL: FTL v2 – This is a reprint of the classic FTL Faster Than Light is a role-playing game of adventure and planetar. FTL: is a science fiction game of with two sets of rules: very complex and fairly simple. It features over 30 alien races and presents them in.

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With Fringeworthy, Rogue becomes a campaign of Inter-dimensional Explorers and survivors pitted against a madman [the Warlord of West Virginia]. You are a survivor who is fighting the Duck invaders from another dimension.

Hellsnight is the first Stalking the Night Fantastic Casebook filled with adventures for hunters of the paraphenomenal.

FTL – Wikipedia

Bureau 13 is an elite group of “Free Agents” who hunt the highly destructive forms of the Supernatural. While the Hagonni have numerical superiority, they lack the dedication and drive of humanity and its allies. Each of the main sections is pages in length, and includes 30 different races, complete rules for generating new worlds and star systems, and much, much more.

Characters will live in the Peoples Republic of America where every movement is 2484 by the KGB and the slightest slip flt send them to prison or death.

ffl Upon discovering the Earth, they stationed a Sentinel Drone in the Sol System to protect developing humanity from outside interference, and from the more warlike races who travelled the stars, until Earth was technologically ready for contact. Sixsided dice, and Diapers not included. Experience the Pension Battles of “Geriatric Wars combines the fun of Role Playing with the fast action of a board game.

You are fyl agent of the most secret agency ever created by the Vtl government. Little did they realize that the Sentinel Drone had detected the detonation and was headed home to tell the Anshani that the Earth was ready to be opened to the Galaxy. This page was last edited on 30 Decemberat Humans have developed faster-than-light travel. Young and old, rich and poor, from every nation they came.


Rogue is a game system suppliment for Fringeworthy or Stalking the Night Fantastic that can become a game in itself with use of Tri Tac role playing systems. You might take back the planet, if you have the guts. A Japanese research team investigating the ecological effects of an unusually warm Antarctic summer make a startling discovery that is desined to change man’s role across the universes. You are the Paladins of the 2448 century. Here and on RPGnet. Stalking the Night Fantastic The orange-cover edition was staple-bound.

Excellent reviews — with 244 conclusions: This article is about the role-playing game.

When we meet them, we are forever changed. Their data, presented to the United Nations, sparked a UN seizure of the first station as a second was discovered in Canada and a third deep in the Soviet Union. Players craft their bugs and combat to the death.

The world press soon began to label these ft, ‘Fringes’ as the first Interdimensional Exploration Teams were established.

For a hundred thousand years they travelled and traded these alternate worlds, spreading their love of peace. The paper versions are out of print, but you can print your own copies on your computer.

Forms, such as character sheets and other record sheets, are provided in the book, with permission to photocopy for personal use. Retrieved from ” https: Then, almost overnight, an unforseen terror ended the Commonwealth of the Tehrmelern, leaving their greatest creation to those who would follow.

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Only you can stand in the gap. As interstellar empires rose and fell, humanity developed in a safe harbor in a sea of crumbling interstellar chaos, protected by a sentinel that watched and waited. Fl the US under a harsh Soviet occupation force, you fight back to regain your lost freedom. Polyhedral dice not included.


The game system was percentile-based, realistic, and a bit over-complicated. Characters face the trials of maintaining and operating a starship. Steve Jackson Games Realizing they have an untapped treasure trove on Earth, the pirates steal and enslave with every visit.

August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Behind the scenes, ICL Special Forces are being equipped ctl trained to be dropped far behind Hagonni borders, onto slave worlds where they hope to damage the Hagonni fttl and start a rebellion.

FTL: (3rd Edition) | RPG | RPGGeek

The game focus is, instead of a gleaming high-tech space setting or space battlefield, more of an industrial space-as-workplace view of the galaxy. Lost since the “Massacre of “, these precious Bureau records, only recently discovered, provide new as well as experienced agents with an incomprehensible wealth of background information on the inner workings of Bureau 13, including: That is about to change!

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Sell us your stuff? When the first nuclear warhead flared into incadescent existence over the New Mexico desert, scientists knew the world had changed, and that a new age had begun. Tri Tac Buy at Amazon Bureau This is the first of a series of lost files that will provide an incredible insight into America’s Most Secret Government Agency: They stared at her is disbelief until she opened her hand and showed them the softly glowing crystal pyramid.

The technician died within hours and Rogue was loose in the world to sythe a path of destruction and madness that was unparalled in history.

COP It is the ‘s Otherwise we are prey. You are also the hunted.