Calling fscommand(“exec”, “filename”); will launch the application specified by filename. The EXEC fscommand is the only escape hatch that. It is also possible to launch video via the FSCommand Launch command, but only if the device supports it (the video file format is mapped to the device video. I know fsCommand is used for that but can anyone help me by providing the exe file will start running. this is what i want to do please help!.

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If you can tell me which file you found that in, I might be able to make progress.

You know, so bitmaps aren’t all pixelated. Yeah it has to be AS 3. Username Password Remember Me?

Fscommand Exec won’t work from a. Contact us today for an hourly or fixed price quote. Have you both attempted to configure the Flash Security settings to allow linking from your location?

SWF Studio and FSCommand EXEC

My guess is that FSCommand is ignored, since it was packaged as swf, even though it es embedded in Captivate exe. I don’t know why a flash projector can not open another one!! When you need something easier and more powerful, the next step is a swf2exe application like SWF Studio.


So how do you get Flash to do things like open documents or launch applications? I can already build a swf that uses FSCommand exec to launch my own exe.

The nice lxunch about the widget is that it tackles the heart of the problem and allows you to use one widget in your project and it fixes buttons, click boxes, text entry boxes, standard and conditional advanced actions Email Required, but never paunch. More power usually comes hand-in-hand with more complexity I don’t normally drudge up old posts, but I just wanted to say that I’ve finally made a widget to open files in their native application from a.

actionscript 3 – Opening external exe file via fscommand – Stack Overflow

I’ll be trying that. Last edited by DrFunko; at Give your button the following actions: Lets use OpenOffice Writer as an example. But it works, probably wrong syntax of giving folder path. Please turn JavaScript fzcommand on and reload this page. I can succesfully open fsco,mand exe s like Windows Media Player. There is no external AS3 file that I can find to edit for this. You can’t provide a path to the file you want to launch, it has to exist in a special sanboxed folder.

You’re probably wondering why Flash still won’t open your fscommanv yet. Post as a guest Name. You can read about it here: Funko Last edited by DrFunko; at In that case you can create a batch file that in turn calls your programs. Forum Flash Help ActionScript 2. They use “jumpfile” instead of “exec”, but that didn’t work either. It also launches other.


Do you have to use Flash Projector? I know fsCommand is used for that but can anyone help me by providing the full code to run external exe files in short??? AIR might be the last resort. Some of the products that appear on fscommnd site are from companies from which QuinStreet receives compensation.

I have the same question Show 0 Likes 0. This is in Windows 7.

All times are GMT You might try my “Cheesing it” way around. And this is the code; private function Fnc e: The script you need to run is called “fscommand” and it has to go on a button.

There’s got to be a way The idea is that you call the batch file using the fscommand, this batch file has to be in the fscommand folder. The time now is