INTRODUCTION: FRIEDRICH KITTLER’S LIGHT SHOWS John Durham Peters Optical Media may be Friedrich Kittler’s best book for the uniniti- ated. It is breezy . Optical Media provides an accessible introduction to the media theory of Kittler’s middle period as it applies primarĀ¬ ily to the optical realm. (Kittler’s chief interest. Optical Media by Friedrich A. Kittler, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Optical Media

But this surface was not flat; he was going to paint on a semicircular niche. At the latest since triedrich time of Euclid, who in addition to his famous Elements of Mathematics also wrote about optics and the path of light Edgerton,p.

The next logical step would seem to be, not to translate, but to bypass languages in favor of a general cosmic consciousness. Denis, the glass windows of the Christian church put precisely this divine visual ray in the picture. What was the optical implementation of 6, 8, 14, or 36 Stations of the Cross about? But the painters of the Quattrocento and the following centuries mddia very frequently ordered to paint what did not exist: It was this ghostly use of the camera obscura that made careers in the following period.

At that time, it was mandatory for novice craftsmen to serve an apprenticeship, just as it is today, and Brunelleschi served his under a goldsmith. The sun is both obvious and profound, and this beginning features Kittler at his most elemental, in his guise as a devotee of Mediterranean light, a celebrant of illumination and its intoxication.

At an even deeper level, Kittler and British cultural studies share a culturally Protestant love of anarchic textual interpretation by readers freed from the stupefying pictures of priestly authorities; E.

When Gutenberg and later Luther appeared to triumph over the worship of images with their printed books, the traveling players discovered the handbill as a medium for reproducing their street ballads and illustrating them with wood engravings. And the simulacrum in the klttler of the cave reproduced everyday objects, whose clay or wood imitations were carried past a single light source by a pair of puppeteers behind the backs of the bound cave mediz.

And for me, that job description of the future serves as a welcome justification for the risky undertaking of dealing not friedtich with conventional film and television but also with the newest technologies like imaging.

There were reportedly projection mechanisms that could display believe it or not 12 images at once; where a single optucal had done his drill at the information source, 12 soldiers as you can easily work out performed their well-trained threatening gestures in step at the information sinks.


For men, this might be a philosophically novel experience, but for women this is probably more of the same-old.

Agency Kittler tends to attribute to abstractions such as friedrixh war and not to living, breathing actors. Back cover copy Friedrich Kittler’s lecture series provides a concise history of optical media from Renaissance linear perspective to late twentieth-century computer graphics. Friedrich Kittler is a leading scholar of media history in Germany This accessible study is based on his lectures on the history of optical media in at Humboldt University, Berlin The broad-ranging history of optical media examines a variety of examples such as European painting and msdia invention of the camera obscura As one of the most important and interesting German theorists, Kittler already has a good following but this will also appeal to all students in media, cultural and literature studies.

Friedrich Kittler

For the Jesuit Order, it was logically important to visualize long and intensively everything that had once been read until it stopped being letter or text and began instead to overwhelm the five senses themselves. Such events can no longer be traced back to other, historically correct that is, written sources, just as it is also impossible to magnify the corresponding film documents any further without ending up in the pure grain of the celluloid and therefore in a white noise where there is nothing more to recognize as Antonioni proves in Bloiu Up.

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The image of something – in other words, 75 OPTICAL MEDIA its representation – jedia slid into the black box, and it is illuminated by a light that casts a representation of this friedich, an image of this image, onto the wall. He is interested kitler all in a kind of engineering opticaal of carrying capacities. If the eye is the light of the body, then the great star opticla the sun – as Dante says, is the light of the intelligence. This overview has hopefully already shown that the connection of old traditional arts like literature, painting, and theater, on the one hand, with technical media on the other hand should not be mere addition.

It was the unique medium that set other media free. In the age of intercontinental ballistic missiles and Teflon pans, one would say spin-offs. The reproducible book as such required illustrations that were equally as reproducible and exact – not to make readers or art lovers happy, but rather to store and transmit technical knowledge, the most shining example of which was the invention of the letterpress itself.


No eBook available Polity Amazon. They could be stored, shared, and even advanced with the help of technical drawings in the text. Alberti explicitly emphasized that he had written his treatise for artists and not for mathematicians, which is already clear from the title.

The Voice Imitator: Friedrich Kittler: Optical Media

Even more gratifying and enigmatic is the historical fact that Regiomontanus, the creator of the best trigonometric tables, undertook a trip to Italy, and during this trip – in Ferrara – he reportedly met Alberti. Books can be sold, vriedrich, and given away. Apart from the theoretical question as to whether technical media make concepts like the author and the subject friedricy, such a history would be practically useless for me, as I have seen far fewer films than most of you.

However, the publisher has no responsibility for the websites and can make no guarantee that a site will remain live or that the content is or will remain appropriate. But as you already know: Namely, the seventeenth century had already kuttler to eliminate the great handicap of the camera obscurathat is, the necessity of manually painting over the images that emerged.

After that, writing could no longer bear frierdich burden of holding sound and image, rival media having stripped it of those functions. About this matter of perspective, the first thing in which he displayed it was a small panel about half a braccio square on which he made a picture showing the exterior of the church of S.

In the next step in the history of being – in the philosophy of Descartes – the representation of the subject is re-presented to the subject once again as such: Third, the channel is equipped for the technical bridging of space in the case of transmission media or of time in the case of storage media, and it can consist of material, like telephone wires or fiber-optic cables, optial it can simply be a vacuum through which electromagnetic waves propagate, like radio or television.

In other words, they could not send coded alphabetical messages. There are enough special courses in cultural studies that provide film and television histories focused directly on the feature film, which could then also be supplemented by courses in media production.

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