Fractura De Escafoide Jess. 1. FRACTURA DE ESCAFOIDE Jessica Cruz Muños ; 2. Generalidades Después de la fractura de Colles. A fratura do punho – rádio distal – é uma das mais frequentes do esqueleto. Não raro as fraturas acabam consolidando com deformidade. throsis. Cross-sectional studies. RESUMO. Objetivo: Verificar como os cirurgiões da mão conduzem o trat- amento da fratura de escafoide e suas complicações.

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Fratura do escafoide por estresse em ginasta: relato de caso

This mean age of participants was J Hand Surg Am. Abstract Objective Analyze the percutaneous fixation technique for scaphoid fractures in the waist of the scaphoid and the proximal pole, and demonstrate its result.

In rare cases, a second Kirschner wire can be applied to avoid rotation of the fragments. The guidewire is introduced and its direction is continuously evaluated by the image intensifier in order to pass the wire to the proximal pole Fig.

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In most cases, longitudinal traction is sufficient to reduce the fracture Kirschner wires can be used as joysticks to manipulate the fracture fragments to their original position in cases where traction alone is not sufficient. A cannulated drill bit is introduced Fig. If a suitable position is ecafoide achieved, a thicker guidewire can be used 1. Regarding epidemiology, in the present study the mean age was Clin Orthop Relat Res.


A randomized controlled trial. The patient is placed in a supine recumbent position, and under fluoroscopy the hand is tractioned in hyperextension. Chronic escaflide in the wrist of escafoixe gymnast, even without a history of acute trauma, should raise the suspicion of a possible stress fracture of the scaphoid. Received Sep 3; Accepted Sep This time of immobilization causes muscular atrophy and a decrease in strength, leading to an increase in the degree of joint stiffness of the wrist, which in turn requires a longer rehabilitation time.

Displaced fractures of the scaphoid. This retrospective cross-sectional study was submitted to and approved by the Research Ethics Committee, under No. In the case of proximal pole fracture, a technical failure occurred because the screw head was not fully inserted into the proximal pole; stabilization was lost and consolidation was not achieved.

A, positioning of the image intensifier regarding the hand to be operated; B, hyperextension of the wrist to visualize the escafoise point and the true longitudinal axis of the scaphoid; C, entry point of the Kirschner wire with the wrist in hyperextension; D, Kirschner wire inserted following the true axis of the scaphoid on escaafoide lateral view; E, Kirschner wire inserted following the true axis ee the scaphoid, on an anteroposterior view; F, introduction of the screw following the true axis of the scaphoid.

Percutaneous fixation of waist and proximal scaphoid fractures with a compression screw presents good results, being a good alternative to dscafoide plaster cast use. Study conducted at the Instituto Vita. Br J Sports Med. The coronal section shows a complete fracture of the scaphoid waist arrow and a representative sign of bone marrow edema in the proximal and distal poles.


Fratura do escafoide

They presented a mean age of Athletic injuries of the wrist. Clinical case of a scaphoid waist fracture.

As complications, two patients presented nonunion, one in a case of scaphoid waist fracture Fig. Computed tomography CT images clearly show the fracture plane Fig. Of the total fractures, 24 cases were of the scaphoid waist Fractures of the carpal bones. In suspected cases, MRI is the examination of choice. However, there was no record of a more intense trauma that had triggered the symptoms.

It is also necessary frxtura assess the financial impact of treatment and early rehabilitation among patients treated conservatively and those who undergo percutaneous surgery. The fact that the pain was insidious ruled out the possibility of an undiagnosed acute fracture. The fracture plane was not visible on anteroposterior and lateral radiographs of the wrist, only on a pronated oblique escafkide Fig. Stress fracture of the scaphoid combined with the distal radial epiphysiolysis.

Herbert screw fixation by limited access for acute fractures of the scaphoid.