How to Disappear: Erase Your Digital Footprint, Leave False Trails, And Vanish Without A Trace is a NY Times Bestseller written by Frank M. Ahearn who. When life becomes too much, Frank Ahearn can help you disappear. He’s not cheap; this New York-based skip-tracer turned skip-maker. Former private investigator Frank Ahearn used to be a “skip tracer,” Now he’s switched sides, and helps people to disappear without a trace.

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We located a large company that was in the area and used that as her employment address. So I read this only in small doses, take frqnk research notes, and then remind myself that I am not running from anyone, and I can’t disappear completely for at least another decade, because I have kids.

With that said there are people that do it everyday, but it takes more work a lot disappar work then just being part of the system.

How to Disappear: Erase your Digital Footprint, Leave False Trails, and Vanish without A Trace

While it might be easy to make one “hard to reach”, disappearing in the face of determined individuals P. I learned a few things about protecting my identity. If your not a perfectionist and are not morally flexible disappearing completely may be next to impossible.

First of all, tell me what not to do. You can, but understand: Less a concrete how-to guide than a set of issues to think about for anyone who does want to pull the vanishing trick. ahearb

Transcript for Frank Ahearn on Helping People Disappear | To the best of our KNOWLEDGE

If you’re a waitress with no assets, I can pick you up and go in 40 to 45 days. Are you ever in danger yourself?


I think, if anyone is reading the book with the thought of really “d I read this book more for entertainment than actual action; I was curious about what the author would say one should do to “hide”.

I work with very wealthy people and if you went to kidnap them or abduct their kids, you might be looking for them in Belgium but in reality, they’re in Helsinki. Frank Ahearn and Eileen Horan provide field-tested methods for maintaining privacy, as well as tactics and strategies for protecting personal information and preventing identity theft. The unfortunate part is the violence; victims of stalkers or abusive spouses or ex-spouses.

Q&A with author Frank Ahearn on the art of disappearing

I don’t take my car; I’ll take a taxi or train or bus. Is it possible to disappear legally?

As it stands, I read it with something of a passing interest, and found that after the first few chapters, much of the information is repeated over and over. What about cell phones? So if you have Facebook and Twitter, you start posting minimal stuff about Kansas City.

You’re going to sit around at a bar with your newfound friends and in walks a high school friend you haven’t seen in 20 years who starts calling you by a different name. So Didappear struck up a conversation and sure enough, he needs to disappear.

Yes, I know that it’s staged to a large extent – the producers must be doling out clues etc. What kind of idiot says that in an open email?

Private Investigator Explains How To ‘Vanish Without A Trace’ | Here & Now

Why is it so hard to vanish? But today, between social media, cameras on the street and people sending in photos and videos, they were able to capture so much of what occurred prior to the explosions. If you have a house to sell, you need to turn it over to somebody with power of attorney so they can sell it for you. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. How side hustles can pare debt — Millennials struggling with student debt can take on extra work to get out of the red, blogger turned author David Carlson says.


In the event of an emergency using this book as a resource and practicing the methods will prove useful. All that said, his insight into this world is sharp and at times hilarious.

Delete social media accounts. He told Steve Paulson how skip tracing works. Furthermore there’s some parts like: You’re buying groceries every week in Casper, Wyoming. She wanted to get the hell out of her hometown, so trank got in touch with me.

But you have to remember: More as I read. So I get a fax from a good client of mine that says, “I need you to frabk these two women: I read this book more for entertainment than actual action; I was curious about what the author would say one should do to “hide”.

You can’t be Joe the bus driver in Miami and be Joe the bus driver in Chicago. Horan, Ahearn runs his consulting business out of a virtual office.

I would recommend further reading from multiple sources and also practicing simulated stress drills to be successful. I feel he’s talking down to me. ATM card data played a critical role in locating the Boston Marathon bombing suspects within hours. But we have three lives: