Fill Ak Reg 3, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and FORSCOM Regulation (OBSOLETE): Ammunition basic Sep 9, Ammunition Basic Load (ABL, FORSCOM REG , ; FORSCOM/ARNG , ) is one of the most critical operational functionalities of the Joint. Forscom Regulation (Obsolete): Ammunition Basic Load by United States Army Forces Headquarters (Creator) starting at. Forscom Regulation.

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Coordinating Military Deployments on Military activities function in an environment which is fodscom by national objectives and policies and is shaped primarily by socioeconomic and political fac- tors. The amount is left to the discretion of the Secretary of Defense.

FORSCOM Regulation 700-3 1986 (OBSOLETE) : Ammunition basic load.

Commanders submit a statement of required resources to accomplish their missions. Its purpose is to create weapons and forces and erg sustained support of these weapons and forces in combat. The management of the logistics system might be better understood if one could visualize what happens in the logistics management process. The military departments and services are charged by law with the responsibility subject to the authority, direction, and control of the Secre- tary of Defense for the logistics and administra- tive support of the foorscom assigned to unified or specifiea commands.

Forscom Regulation 700-3 1986 (Obsolete) : Ammunition Basic Load

DA, through appropriate authorization docu- ments, provides each unit an organic capability in personnel and equipment to accomplish assigned mis- sions. Since they are interrelated, it is necessary to have logistics managers who know and understand all the compo- nents and subsystems which make up the system, their interfaces, and their interrelationships. The continuing increases in manpower costs affect the availability of funds to finance other programs.

The man- ager, together with a management information spe- cialist, can determine the source of the information, if it is currently available in an existing program and if it can be used with or without changes. See also para Factors involved in determining manpower requirements for the force structure are illustrated in figure Other separate defense agencies are organized along functional lines, and the missions are relatively simple forrscom comparison with those of the military departments.



The provision of the Constitution regarding common defense gives Congress alone the power to raise and support armies, provide for their employ- ment, provide for control of the militia, vote money for military purposes, and to declare war. Two major factors influence the deter- mination of how the Army should be equipped. Recently, engineer reh Administrative and Logistics Command Posts ALOCs have not used tracking methods that maintain detailed and accurate accountability of casualties on the battlefield.

Govern- ment agencies which support the Army, are treated to show how logistics support is furnished. All source material contained in the reproduced document has been approved for public release and unlimited distribution by an agency of the US Government. These commands are established, designated, and the force structure determined by the President, through the Secre- tary of Defense with the advice and assistance of Reb.

Provide for operational control of personnel. The performance criteria against which the various alternatives are compared are determined and trade-offs or trade studies are completed. Ordinarily, the requirements of forces of al- lied nations are furnished by the parent nation.

This structure incor- porates the processes of a logistics system discussed m paragraphbut is oriented, more toward logistics functions of the Army in the field.

This information allows the ALOC to assess combat losses, not only in terms of individual personnel, but also forxcom terms of personnel as they relate to combat systems. Then, as shown in the top portion of the model, the allocated resources and the objectives are translated into a program and assigned to an organization for accomplishment. In- cluded in this is the management of the acquisi- tion, utilization, retirement, and sale of ADP and telecommunications equipment.

An understanding of forsvom interrelationships, func- tions, and purposes of the various parlts of the fodscom management system is especially impor- tant.

Government agencies with problems related to Army-managed materiel. Unit Status Reporting a. Each unit is designed to provide specific capabiHties.

FORSCOM Reg 55 1 Unit Movement – PDF documents

Thus, the execution of the budget flows back into the planning and programing activities. Changes Users of this manual are encouraged to recommend changes and submit comments for its improvement. Commanders at all echelons must effectively utilize assigned resources so their units achieve a required readiness condi- tion to accomplish the mission of the command.


This stock fund, the newest of those in DOD, was initiated in Sign In Sign Out. To quote from Dr. Joint commands then develop plans, in line with na- tional objectives and capabilities, to counter the threat.

The senior command has the responsibility to create, support, and employ combat forces. This sup- port is provided primarily through the six service organizations which have evolved since Integrate the Army’s total doctrine develop- ment.

At the battalion and brigade level, staff proponency for movements normally resides with the S4. Three main levels of management of the Army Logistics System may be considered.

Management is one of the tasks of command, not a substitute for command. The new budget will cover the 12 months begin- ning the following 1 October.

The battalion must have an aggressive publications program that keeps up with the latest publications and their changes. These civil engineering support plans CESPs identify the major facilities port, nospital, storage area, troop camp, highways, railways, airfields, security facilities, etc. Possibly the most important aspect of the budget execution process is that it serves as a vehicle for review and control of Army activities.

To the extent it is governmental agencies which benefit, the cost is charged against the appropria- tion of the benefiting agencies. The required equipment and assets, although available, are not postured forward to teg an R3SP. Items which support equipment require- ments are based on equipment density, usage, operating conditions, failure rates of parts, and other factors. The fund is used to finance the cost of goods produced or services rendered. Organization for National Security a. The council is composed of the President, Vice President, the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense, and such other Secretar- ies and Under Secretaries forsocm other departments and the military services as the President may appoint.