A suspenseful, emotionally charged real-life Sopranos: The son of New York’s most notorious Mafia killer reveals the conflicted life he led being raised. From the age of eight, Al DeMeo spent a lot of time with his father, Roy—on loansharking collections, in the auto-repair shop from which he. Albert DeMeo was six when his father gave him his first gun. Eleven years later, in , the cops summoned him to identify his father’s corpse.

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I believe that Roy should have a done a better job raising his son, especially when he is introduced to hookers, guns and the entire mafia lifestyle. I had no idea that the mafia life was so prominent in the United States. Albert knew he wanted out of the mafia from a young age, and when his dad died he tried to put that part of his life behind him as best as he could.

Although my childhood was nothing like Albert’s, it was easy to relate to the different emotions that Albert goes through and has to defeat. For the Sins of My Father: The second problem I had with this book was the person Albert depicted as his father.

If we boil down all the events and conflicts which unfold in the pages of this memoir, they al For The Sins of My Father is a thrilling page turner that often left me with the thought “how could this story possible be a true tale”. There’s the familiar other side of Mob life here, too, the wide circle of eccentric acquaintances and the robust celebrations centered around a nuclear family in which mom and kids other than Albert floated unaware of the crimes of father and son; but what eats through this book like acid is the horror, mixed with undying love and loyalty, that Albert feels as over the years he learns just what his father did for money—a horror that as an adult would send the author into a mental hospital but which he has now assimilated sufficiently to write this painful, intense, unforgettable memoir.

Although the amount of characters can be distracting at the beginning of the book, everything is intricately tied together in the end.

May 30, Anthony wins it really liked it. How could he have spent his life looking up to, and loving, a vicious killer? It is also a book that shows the violence of the Mob and the thoughts, ideas, and way of thinking as a “wise guy”. Wishing to emulate the man he and his family adored, Al learned to walk the walk and talk the talk. Interestingly, Demeo mentions the demise of the traditional American mafia, caused in part by the invasion of organised crime at the hands of other ethnic groups who according to the author didn’t respect the traditional “rules of engagement” and were much quicker to kill fxther “the boys.


For the Sins of My Father: A Mafia Killer, His Son, and the Legacy of a Mob Life by Albert Demeo

This book is one of the first Mafia based books I have read and a great one at that; it only tather my urges to read another one alike to it. Unlike other kids in his exclusive Long Island neighborhood Albert spent whatever free time he could learning the tricks of the trade with his Father. Although It’s hard to justify Alberts action, I can’t ignore the fact that it was his myy bringing that caused him to struggle with right and wrong.

I found it interesting to learn about how growing up in the mafia affected Alberts life in such an intense way. It is extremely difficult for me to identify my dislike or admiration of Roy simply because of his extremely violent career versus o loving nature towards those he loved.

Lists with This Book. In the beginning of the book it was extremely hard to keep track of all the gang members Roy was introducing to young Albert. Likewise to myself, Albert had a cloak of hidden isns that were revealed when he was at his lowest point in life once Roy passed.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. It took away from the overall feel of the book kf I was so busy trying to keep track of the characters that I didn’t have time to react all that was happening in the story.

After reading For the Sins of my Father by Robert DeMeo I can say my views on the mafia and the lives these mobsters lived has been altered drastically. He learned that his dad didn’t have a normal job and he had to figure out what is was that he did for a living.

How could he have spent his life looking up to, and loving, a vicious killer? This book offers such a interesting perspective on a very unconventional family.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Mar 29, Nayema Rana rated it it was amazing. Unlike other kids at school who’s father’s were policeman, firefighters, or lawyers Albert DeMeo had no idea what his father did.

It made my heart break when I read about what he had to go through as he grew up. This novel really made me question every kind, gentle, caring person I have ever met. Apr 14, Cody J rated it really liked it. In Pictures – the story of love and romance: Albert DeMeo makes you feel as if you are growing up in mt Mob along with him, from the owning his first gun to the first time he set foot in gemini.


He accepted his dads job and never questioned it and always did as his father told him to, which I admire because most kids would sinss just keep their mouth shut and accept it. Even now as I write this review I am still in shock about the circumstances Albert is deemo under and as a result of this I can only view Roy DeMeo in a negative way because he was the reason for practically all of the things Albert is exposed to.

My old man, the hitman For the Sins of My Father by Albert DeMeo with Mary Jane Ross – Telegraph

But while life continued to take a turn for him he became weak and experienced depression as well as, post traumatic stress disorder. I was completely taken back when Ains was doing his mob tasks such as collecting the money for his father. Oct 19, Dana Walters rated it really liked it.

Sep 23, Erika rated it really liked it. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. View Full Version of PW. Sep 09, Pages Buy. Albert didn’t think that way, and I mt that very refreshing to read about.

Though many of his actions are criminal offenses including murder and theft, I still enjoyed reading about him and approve of his actions like teaching his son numerous things to prepare him for his future. Refresh and try again. The Best Books of Sep 09, Pages. The pure absurdity and danger presented in many of the situations kept me extremely engaged in the DeMeo family story.

A devoted family man, Roy DeMeo loved and cared for Al, his two sisters, his mother, and his extended family; but he didn’t dress, talk, or act like any of the other Dad’s in the neighborhood.

Albert DeMeo: “For The Sins of My Father”

Paperbackpages. To grow with characters is really important for myself as a reader, to see Albert grow as an individual once finding out his father was apart of the mob pushed himself to fight through all obstacles thrown at him.

I love reading memoirs and crime stories, so this gave me the fatuer of both. Oct 17, Muska rated albwrt really liked it. Being raised by a Mafia member was probably not easy.