Uniform Title, Fontamara. English. Description, London: Dent, xii, p. ; 23 cm. ISBN, (paperback) Series. EF. Notes. Fontamara by Ignazio Silone; 43 editions; First published in ; Subjects: Readers, Cover of: Fontamara | Ignazio Silone in English. Fontamara: Ignazio Silone: Silone produced his first novel, Fontamara, which was published in Z├╝rich (; Eng. trans., ). It is a realistic and.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use ebglish Privacy Policy. The law is made by townsmen. They are then cheated out of their water. They, too, were poor men, but poor men of a special kind: How can a peasant expect justice? He is a poor peasant who searches for work. She is known in Fontamara as destined to marry Berardo, though he doesn’t propose to her due to lack of land and money, whilst Elivira has a vast dowry and trousseau. It received worldwide acclaim and sold more than snglish million and a half copies in twenty-seven languages.

Alla ricerca della democrazia linguisticaCarlo Minnaja – ed. Therefore our first thought was that the diversion of the stream was a practical joke too Berardo says Every government always consists of thieves. Can I borrow this item? In that case he must own the very air we breathe. Pelino is persuading them to sign the petition.

Can I get a copy? He married late in life and donna Clorinda was unable to salvage the remains of the wreck that was his life.

Order a copy Copyright or permission restrictions may apply. We are not told the name of the son fonntamara he is just referred to as the child. Prince Torlonia features highly on the cafoni’s view of the hierarchyexplained by Michele: The cafoni work the land and feel that if they owned it, the crops they would harvest would allow them to start earning some money instead of borrowing money to buy seeds and food through the winter, and eating or selling all they harvest to pay for lawsuits.

Zompa explains that God decided that a new kind of louse should appear after every big revolution and then goes on to explain a dream he had.

The Modern Novel

Marietta is a widow, and is pregnant for the third or fourth time since her husband’s death. The Fontamaresi don’t know about the new Fascist regime and mistake the blackshirts for their dead.


He seems more and more surprised about the events which unfold in Fontamara because before it fintamara a quiet town where nothing really happened. BookOnline – Google Books.

She is the one who manages the affairs of the cafoni.

Fontamara | work by Silone |

However it turns out that instead of a priest, they were given a donkey adorned with coloured paper to represent sacred vestments. At the end of the book, the Solito Sconosciuto helps the survivors of fontamata war to cross the border.

The younger people of Fontamara want Berardo to rebel with them but he refuses. You can view this on the NLA website.

He has come to protest because the Impresario has taken the tratturo. Fontamara Fontamara Silone wrote this novel when he was in exile in Switzerland, hiding from the Fascist police and suffering from tuberculosis so severe that he thought he was going to die.

He says Does that land belong to the Impresario? In the morning he is even more determined to marry her, and Giuva thinks the only way Berardo could earn enough money to buy some land is by getting a job in town. He also had his faults, especially as a drunk, but he was loyal and sincere and he was very unfortunate, and for this, of good heart, we wish he could have rebuilt the earth [12] p. Don Circonsanza’s motto is Fucino a chi lo cultiva Fucino to he who cultivates it and when they are invited to Avezzano they think they will get a chance to discuss the matter with the authorities, but the Fontamaresi discover that Cav.

Linguistically the Paratactic construction prevails with simple and colloquial language which reflects the ignorance of the cafoniwhereas the more educated, richer characters express themselves in a much more refined manner, using quotations and Latin vocabulary. Of course, they are the ones to lose.

He goes off to Rome but that does not work out, either. The Fontamaresi do not speak Italian, but speak their own dialect and find it difficult to understand people who come from the city. In Mondadori published the novel, with still further modifications, and Silone made further stylistic changes in the Mondadori publication. The family of Torlonia arrived in Rome at the beginning of the last century in the wake of a French regiment and was originally called Torlogne.


Choose your country or region Close. However, he is determined to get out and go and make his fortune in South America. Silone wrote this novel when he was in exile in Switzerland, hiding from the Fascist police and suffering from tuberculosis so severe that he thought he was going to die. Gossip aside, there was no doubt that this extraordinary man had found America in our district. Its author, Ignazio Silone, was a controversial figure throughout his life.

Her prayers are granted and she dies in bed from a high fever. The first description of him shows his evil nature and how he can create wealth from anything. Harvests varied day to day, food was not guaranteed and wages were low. They are asked to sing the anthem when they pass through villages on the truck, but ask, What anthem? Not being able to excel in wealth, Maria Rosa found it inevitable that he would at least excel in misfortune [12] p. The cafoni are summoned to a meeting in Avezzano to discuss the matter of Fucino an extremely fertile area of landand are yet again deceived when instead of having a discussion, the land is taken from them and given to the rich [12] p.

They raise such Italian problems as regionalism, the clash of ideologies and the ways of portraying them in literary form. Retrieved 29 May They are tricked into signing the petition, agreeing to the three-quarter, three-quarter split, the 10 lustri swindle, the Impresario buying the wheat at per hundredweight so that he could then sell it at per hundredweight, and Berardo and Giuva’s son are exploited by Don Achille Pazienza in Rome.

They then cross the border with the help of the Solito Sconosciuto. He was certainly not a pastor able to risk his life to defend his flock against wolves, but he was educated enough in his religion to explain how, from the moment God created wolves, he recognised that from time to time they had the right to devour some sheep.