Buy Foma Fomadon R09 ( ml) featuring Monochrome Negative Film Developer, High Acutance / Edge Contrast High Dilution: to Review Foma. I just picked up a bottle of fomadon R09 from prophot in paris as a rodinal substitute (i know its back in production, but they didn’t seem to keen. Fomadon R09 is a one-part liquid concentrate to prepare fine-grain, normal- working developer, intended for of all types of black and white negative films.

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Is Fomadon R09 the Same as Rodinal? | Photography Forums

Film, Paper, Chemistry ‘ started by momusJan 12, Jan 12, 1. I just noticed that Freestyle advertises Fomadon R09 developer as being similar to Rodinal. Similar is a pretty flexible word. It’s probably a better developer for negs bigger than 35mm, but the grain it gives, while certainly pronounced, is nice.

I suspect that this developer is really about doing different tests and finding a look that one likes, vs souping negs in D76 and getting excellent results right off the bat. I’m wondering how similar this actually is to Rodinal, since I never used that developer? There seems to be way too much “discussion” on the internet on this developer.

It’s almost a cult thing.


My style of photography is just that, I’m a photographer not a chemist, so I’m not going to mix up my own. I was just wondering if there are other formulations out there that I could purchase that might be closer to the Rodinal formula?


Jan 12, 2. There are two recent statements on this matter: Last edited by a moderator: Jan 12, 3. Even if you use painkiller like Dead Link Removed who is a site member. Jan 12, 4. Well, I’ll be long gone in 25 years, so that sounds good the developer’s shelf life sounds good, not my shelf life. Rr09 read that stand development for 1 hr can give nice results fokadon 1: Never tried stand developing.

Jan 12, 5. Jan 12, 6. Jan 12, 7. Jan 12, 8.

Jan 12, 9. By the way, fomaodn only way to get Rodinal because of the restrictions across borders in Canada is to buy a product called Blazinal.

Commercial restrictions force Maco to sell Rodinal under a different name in this country. Here the address of the Canadian distributor: Jan 13, So far I have read somewhere Rodinal is more concentrated than R But I don’t know if it is the only difference, after the worldwar 2 R09 was made by the east german agfa or fpmadon and Rodinal was made by west german agfa. Carbonate is less soluble and crystallizes.

Developer test: Rodinal versus Fomadon R09 | RODINAL | Flickr

New bottles should not contain any crystals. Filling Adonal bottles from a L barrel: Hello, I think that the crystals are p-aminophenol. The solubility of the p-aminophenol is borderline. In some formula tomadon is recommended to leave some crystals undissolved. Jan 14, I have a bottle of Agfa Rodinal that dates from the early 90s, almost but not quite full.


I developed a few rolls of 35mm, never could get results I actually liked and stopped using it. I still have that bottle so it will be interesting to see how and if it still works – bet it does. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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