FMM Directory of Malaysian Industries The Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) is pleased to announce the release of its 44th edition of the . Special Package. Top up RM (Normal Rate RM2,) for additional Full Page advertisement in. Business In Action (Bi-monthly newsletter of. Federation of. FMM Members. • Major Bookstores in Malaysia. • Business Institutions and. Trade Organisations. • Ministries, Government. Departments and Agencies. • Foreign.

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Published annually since For further enquiries, please contact Ms Florance S.

FMM Selangor Branch

Department of Statistic, M. The tracking feature enables reminders to be sent to only those who did not respond, calculation of response rate, easy management on mailing list, amongst some of the useful features. Overall, responses were collected registering a response rate of Please enter your password. Without dash, space Please enter a valid phone number.

FMM Johor Branch

Each survey packet consisted of a post-paid self-addressed envelope. In view of the encouraging response from hardcopy mail survey, the second wave of mailing involved sending the survey packets to the non-respondents from email invitation list in selected regions that have yet to achieve the minimum targeted responses, mainly the central and southern regions.


Please enter your full name. The above rates apply to sales over the counter.

This study uses a probability sampling design of disproportionate stratified random sampling. The minimum sample size is Issues during data collection are strategy and selection of techniques that would increase response rate. Help Center Find new research papers in: Only 55 out of 92 respondents that have started the survey industrids it. Sourcing for Imports and Exports.

The different classification systems from each agency pose a great challenge. It could also be due to a lack of unwillingness to do so Sekaran, The second section has 14 items measuring operational performance using 5 point Likert scale. Please enter your phone number.

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ICT Solutions for Companies. View FMM Directory for limited period. Please enter your area code. This is the stage where the researcher has no control when confronted with poor response rate. The main issue in post data collection is treatment of missing data.


Pre-data collection issues include determining population or sampling frame, sampling design and identifying targeted respondents. Finally, it concludes with insights gained throughout the data collection process.

The pre-data collection stage consists of determining the population or sampling frame, selecting appropriate sampling design and sample size.

Malajsian Logistics Solutions offered by the companies are as follows: The main objective is to share the lessons learned so that future researchers can benefit from it. Sampling design and sample size are common topics that can be found in research methodology textbooks, hence they are not discussed here.

FMM Directory of Malaysian Industries

Please enter a valid country code. It can be observed that personal interview yields the best response rate but the downside is that career fairs or trade fairs are rare events. Remember me on this computer. Malaysia, Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers.