FM 10-67-1 PDF

Section I. Accountability and Inventory. PETROLEUM ACCOUNTING RECORDS AND REPORTS. Soldiers storing or transferring class III products must. provide extensive information about FM ( ). SUPERCESSION STATEMENT. This publication supersedes ATP dated 21 July , FM dated 2 April. and FM

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To ensure accurate gage, compare the tape reading at the reference point with the reference height of the tank. Bottom sediment and water. To maintain them, fj these steps. See Chapter 12 for details on cleaning petroleum tanks. Hydrometer, 100-67-1 scale, API 19 to 31 range, mm long, 14mm diameter, with thermometer. If the tank car has more than 1 foot of shell rm, use a petroleum gage stick or an innage tape and bob.

A multileg mooring facility Figure is used to anchor a tanker in position offshore during a fuel transfer. To get an innage gage using the innage tape and bob, refer to Figurepageand follow the steps below: The gage stick should be long enough to gage the entire height of a tank.

FM Concepts And Equipment Of Petroleum Operations – TABLE OF CONTENTS

Maintenance requirements of the mooring facilities include the following. Wire-reinforced neoprene rubber hoses are flanged to the ends of submarine and pier pipelines. Special samples and samples for testing by the supercharge method should be at least 5 gallons, unless otherwise specified. Samples of liquid packaged petroleum lubricants in containers of less than 5 gallons should be sent 100-67-1 the laboratory in ffm original containers.

Product temperature and gravity, visual checks, particulate contamination by color and the Aqua Glo test all provide ffm to product contamination. Do not go over PSI unless it can be determined that the hoses were designed by the manufacturer to take more.


It also washes away soil under the tank, causing the tank to settle. There are several different types of samplers used to take liquid petroleum samples.

To measure bottom sediment and water, do the following:. These devices are made of cast iron or steel. This equipment is usually located at the end of piers. Enter Your Fk Address. It is usually easier to see the product cut on the back of the tape. If the cut is hard to read, put product-indicating paste on the tape. This applies to all facilities, whether permanent, semipermanent, or temporary. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. DA Pamphlet or as appropriate give detailed mf for bulk petroleum accounting procedures.

It must be clean and dry. Record the water cut as a water innage or outage.

Lower the yardstick into the drum to 10-67–1 a wet-inch-depth reading. Each tank vehicle has its own gage stick which is graduated in gallon divisions. Sign In Sign Out.

Concepts and Equipment of Petroleum Operations (FM 10-67-1)

There should be no paste left on the portion ffm the bob that was in the water or the paste should be discolored. The water corrodes the tank bottom. Part Three describes Army aircraft refueling operations.

The opening inventory is the total amount of bulk petroleum on hand at the beginning of the month. The firewalls which are built around aboveground tanks at permanent installations are usually made of concrete or some impervious material. An average of these readings gives the true product temperature. Make sure the 1-67-1 is not lowered so far into the tank that the bob will tilt and cause an incorrect reading.

Hose and hose assemblies, synthetic rubber, reinforced, water- and oil resistant, nonmagnetic and regular service, high-pressure type type C MIL-H ships latest revision. Hose assemblies, rubber, oil and gasoline discharge, smooth-bore, lightweight buoyant type MIL-H ships latest revision.


Outage also called ullage is the height of space above the liquid from a reference point on the tank to the surface of the product.

Concepts and Equipment of Petroleum Operations (FM ) by Army, Department of the

General safety gaging procedures are given below. Repairs to structures such as piers and pilings cannot be done by organizational maintenance personnel.

When the sample is from a packaged product, all markings on the container should be copied on the sample tag. A 5-gallon sample should be submitted when jet fuels are tested for thermal stability.

Laboratory tests ensure fuels meet specifications, identify unknown products, detect contamination, verify unfavorable field tests, and provide the basis for disposition of unacceptable fuel. Depending on the size of the tankers to be moored, the mooring facility can have three, five, or seven legs as shown in Figure Tanks should be cleaned as often as possible to prevent corrosion and pitting of interior surfaces.

This manual is oriented toward tactical field operations and deals with the responsibilities of both management and operator personnel. Maintenance requirements of marine loading arms include the following.

Estimate the closing inventory for collapsible tanks by subtracting issue totals from receipt totals. Special equipment is needed to measure bulk petroleum.

A sample is a small amount of petroleum which is representative of the whole product. These firewalls are subject to damage. To maintain the pipeline system