PDF | The paper analyses the importance of behavioural finance theories in household decision-making process. Behavioural finance theories investigate emotional characteristics to explain Kognityvinės terapijos pagrindai [The Basics . gyventojų elgsenos teorijos tyrinėja rinkos dalyvių emocines. solutions. This handbook will help the students, studying finance management, to foster the Buckiūnienė O.() Finansų teorijos pagrindai. Vilniaus. Finansų pagrindai (FIN). Annotation. This is an introductory course in finance. Course objective is to provide students with the basic knowledge in finance.

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Due to prevailing unemployment, skills and knowledge of highly qualified individuals remain unused, return is lost, though large public and individual resources have been invested into acquisition of such qualification.

Comparative analysis and generalisation of scientific literature scientific articles, monographs, scientific research studies, programmes and strategiesanalysis and generalisation of statistical data. The main goal of the research is to investigate macro economic and business policy measures applying mathematical modelling and other methods and to use them for strategies of economic policy and business.

Therefore, to overcome the problem of insufficient number of observations, various techniques are used. The possibility for non-equivalence has to be evaluated carrying out financial and economic analysis, when sums of money belonging to different periods and moments of times cannot be summed up.

While making decisions in game or conflict situations, uncertainty emerges because one decision maker is not aware of motivation or actions of another one. Active changes in external business environment as well as intensive, innovative technological and managerial decisions require essential means to justify strategies of competitiveness and to ensure their management.

Forecasts may be more informative if regression analysis results 34 are considered while forecasting.


The state benefits from a flexible taxation system, which creates conditions to gain revenue without imposing of new taxes or increase in tax rates. Labour force supply is mainly influenced by the following factors: Therefore, transactions always contain dates, terms and periods of revenues and expenditure.

The principle of equality. Modifications of Lithuanian labour market in the context of ageing society and their influence on economic pagrrindai.


Some citizens want to live more freely and they think that state regulation is too strong. Pocius ; I. Taking into consideration possibilities of contemporary calculation devices and the necessity to carry out a thorough analysis of finances and commerce, imitative technologies are applied. Regularities and perspectives of labour market development. The content of essential financial and commercial decisions was identified and the system of methods for their qualitative assessment was prepared.

The researchers on this theory 32 perceive human capital as knowledge, skills and other human abilities, which contribute to increase in production and income that may be developed under influence of social and economic factors firstly, the education process and conducted scientific research facilitate development of personal competences. The results of the research were used for development of the national security strategy.

Norint tai nustatyti, reikia vadovautis bendraisiais apmokestinimo principais.

More contradictory discussions are held about the involvement of the state into public economic life. Under conditions of strengthening globalisation and more complex relations in the contemporary market, inhabitants and economic agents carry out more and more transactions under mediation of banks and other financial institutions.

The most important of such circumstances embrace: Such a variety of conditions and other factors increase uncertainty of final returns of transaction even conducting the simplest transactions. Standard deviation is employed estimating the instability risk level of decision-related results.

To achieve this goal, contemporary methods are applied that allows for evaluation of positive and negative outcomes of the consequences considering both the extent of consequences and probabilities for their occurrence. The gains from supply of such services and goods in value terms are hardly estimated.

Socialiniai mokslai, vadyba ir The objectives of the research. According pabrindai the general classification scheme, decisions may be classified according two characteristics: Poulsonas ; D.

Rutkauskas ; B. Quantitative analysis methods, which might be applied under such conditions, are necessary and they make up the foundation for quantitative analysis of financial transactions. In fact, it firstly refers to the accumulated skills, knowledge, abilities and intelligence. WBenson D. Vilniaus Gedimino technikos universitetas, p 83— Multi-criteria evaluation methods and models were applied for research on successful management of intellectual capital.



The concept of probability is closely linked to random variables. The countries with higher intelligence of tax policy management pagrindqi considerable attention to preliminary identification of the consequences of the aforesaid decisions.

For example, if a company is considering two investment possibilities that may bring approximately the same sum of net revenue, the one which is least risky will be chosen. Since the ratio between tax revenue and GDP is the most frequently calculated indicator of tax burden, it attracts most of criticism. However, acquisition of municipal bonds may be risky even in the USA because their redemption may last because of lack of finances.

Finally, the problem exists in the environment, where a big number of factors, which may have impact on the process of achievement of goals or results, emerge and these factors may hardly be under control.

Vilniaus Gedimino technikos universitetas. The principles of taxation and its implementation are of importance ensuring efficiency of taxation system functioning. The regulatory function is performed, when the state regulates allocation of resources in economy, promotes or limits certain economic activities and influences macroeconomic processes growth, inflation, employment through taxation system imposing new taxes, changing tax rates or taxation regulations, introducing tax exemptions, etc.

Analysing and applying quantitative models of finances, stochasticity of the anticipated results and possibilities for applying the most accessible computer programmes are considered. This priority will be elaborated on implementing the project of the Lithuanian Council of Research VP The principle of clarity. The main objectives set up in the programme are: Integration of management technologies of competitiveness into strategic research on sustainable development.

However, the most essential conditions predetermining it occur at level of production factors.

This has to be considered while developing a specific scheme of regression analysis. Vilniaus pedagoginio universiteto leidykla, p. Ekonomikos teorijos objektas ir metodai. Random variables are frequently divided into two groups: