Jolly 15b a. +50W. Jolly 15b. W. Jolly 12b a. +50W. Jolly 12b. W. Jolly 15r a. +50W. Jolly 15r. W. Jolly 12r a. +50W. Jolly 12r. W. Fbt Jolly 15b A Manual Online: Connection Cables. VERBINDUNGSKABEL SBILANCIATI / UNBALANCED/ASYMÉTRIQUES/NICHT AUSBALANCIERT TIP. Fbt jolly 15b Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Fbt jolly 15b Manual.

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Please login or register. I am trying to decide what speaker to get for a small band setup.

We do a lot of 50’s, 60’s, 70’s 80’s type music with vocals. All instruments are sent to the Mixer for the Front house Speakers. This is what I want the Jolly’s or Yorkville for, Front House Speakers The jobs are weddings, private partys etc, nothing really large per say.

I have no way to listen to either or to compare so I am needing assistane in which way to go. I do on ocassion bring a Powered sub but not allways.

I can get them for a good price?

Fbt jolly 15b Manuals

What about the Yamaha MSR also? Any suggestions would be great, or if you need more info let me know Thanks!! Hi Scott, Where are you located?


Mike Pyle Audiopyle Sound Dealer: Scott Charbobs Newbie Offline Posts: I am in Michigan. Thanks for the Welcome!! I dont have any experience with any Yorkville gear. It is not existent here.

But i do have 4 jilly 12Ba and 2 jolly 15Ba. They sound really sweet. Actually they didnt burn but the voice coils has deformed and scratched the magnet so i had to recone them. When i opened them i was kolly disappointed by the drivers used inside. They use cheep stamped frame 15 inch drivers that look like a joke. That forced me to open one of the RCF boxes just to see what is inside.

RCF uses “real” casted frame driver with much bigger magnet than fbtt one on the FBT 15’s and the power transformer in the bft’s is so small that i think is almost half the size of the RCF has inside.

Few months ago i had another 15 went the deformed voice coil route. I am now considering replacing the drivers with some other drivers.

I have that box still opened so if you like i can take some pictures of the inside.

Edgar Werner Musikexpress – FBT Jolly15B Fullrange PA-Box

So to conclude, they sound very good, better than RCFs and better then JBL Eon my friend has 4 of thembut they are very fragile and should not be pushed. Both of those are well regarded, although people on this forum seem to have more experience with the Yorkville cabs. I believe the sound quality of the two is very close, however they do do have sonic and feature differences that give you a joply.


To me the FBT is fgt more natural, flat sounding cab, while the Yorkville has an abundance of bass processing. I believe the Jolly cabinets also have the eq feature. The only Jolly cabs I have used are the 8″ model. They seem very well built and the sound quality is excellent.

I have also read some positive reviews of the larger Jolly cabs, and would expect them to offer good performance. That is really good info that is jollly real eye opener I now have a diffrent outlook about FBT. Jjolly post the picture’s that would be really intersting to see. Nick Vilhelmsen Newbie Offline Posts: