This order discusses the authorities, responsibilities, policies, B, FAA Compliance and Enforcement Program (with Change 13), 10/01/. Reprint of FAA Order B FAA Compliance and Enforcement Program. This order contains policies, procedures, and guidelines for the Federal Aviation. For violations occurring before September 18, , FAA enforcement personnel apply the sanction policy guidance in FAA Order B.

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Darryl H. Phillips (Author of FAA Order B)

An example I use a lot when I speak about this to various audiences is a scene from the Top Gun movie from Those are the easiest ones. Odder they go out and look at the aircraft, they interview witnesses, they talk to the pilot, they do what lawyers call Fact Finding to assess and determine was there a violation of the Federal Aviation Regulations at 14 CFR 91 or 61 or another part of the Code of Federal Regulations.

So in the past the FAA, oeder discovering a potential violation, would do an investigation or inquiry. Pilots love Administrative Actions because nothing happens. It means that ultimately you need to acknowledge responsibility for the event and openly share information with the FAA to determine the root cause of the event and then promptly implement the corrective action.

The radical change that occurred in the summer of is revolutionary for pilots, mechanics and others who have FAA approvals, authorizations, permits, etc. The FAA link to the Order and all of its changes is http: No more warning letters, no more warning tickets.

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The FAA wants to encourage airmen to make orde complete disclosure regarding a history of or current use of antidepressant medications, the underlying condition for which the antidepressant medication was prescribed, and associated visits to health professionals so that they can be considered for special issuance medical certification.


USA January 29 And one important exception here is that the new Compliance Philosophy has a couple of lynch pins that are important to talk about.

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FAA Order 2150.3C, Compliance and Enforcement Program, 48893 [2018-20987]

In that case it was the custom and practice of not flying real close to the control tower. Able means that the person has orxer resources sufficient to implement the necessary corrective action, and number two, it means that the person has or has the ability to develop through corrective action the knowledge and technical competence required of the certificate they hold.

Click here to listen to the audio. Non-compliant behavior runs the gamut from minor to major ones. Change 3 amended the sanction guidance for violations of the industry drug and alcohol testing requirements under 14 CFR part formerly codified at 14 CFR part Appendices I and J.

He was grounded for a few days. Why did I receive an administrative processing notice? So how have they traditionally handled these types of sanctions? If you would like to learn how Lexology can drive your content marketing strategy forward, please email enquiries lexology.

But, it takes a while for an agency as big as the FAA to shift, you see, from pure enforcement to this new Compliance Philosophy.

So it seems as long as you admit your fault and you are willing to do whatever it takes to correct the issues and address why it happened in the first place, the FAA is now kinder, more understanding and forgiving. So, the new revolutionary changes that the FAA has undertaken since June 26,when the administrator announced them are that the options for the FAA are now broader than they were before June Really embrace this new Compliance Philosophy that the FAA has adopted because it meaningfully changes their rights and obligations and options when the FAA is, as I say, comes knocking and wants to know why did you violate the rules and regulations.


Change 4 provided sanction guidance to agency enforcement personnel in initiating and processing laser-related interference with crewmember cases involving violations of 14 C. Our example, remember, was Tom Cruise and the low pass by the control tower. This new FAA Compliance Philosophy does not mean at the very outset that you have to tell all, be complete, give the entire story surrounding the FAA or potential FAA violation of the rules and regulations.

Login Register Follow on Twitter Search. This does not mean in the first interaction with the FAA that you have to confess a violation, that you have to confess every single fact about that violation and that you have to put it in writing or the like.

It means that ultimately, after looking at the situation and deciding what is your best option, you must acknowledge responsibility for the event and openly share information and implement the corrective action.

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Follow Please login to follow content. Why was there an incident at the airport and the like? It can be landing with your gear up when it should be down. My saved default Read later Folders shared with you. Loudoun Street Studios Art.

I can see where this would be a very welcome change for anyone in the industry.