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Apr 23, Chuck rated it really liked it Shelves: There was an inexplicably long section on the penultimate chapter – the intermediary state – which I guess was something of a hobby horse of the author’s.

The purposefully dropped all mention of divorce, which allows for various views, including a permanence view of marriage which is held by some Reformed Baptists including myself. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. When I started studying the Confession I didn’t realizes that a confession is actually a Systematic Theology! The general content is precisely what the title promises.

If anyone wanted me to recommend a couple expoiscion about Reformed Christianity, this would actually be one of them. The opening essay on the use of confessions of faith is well worth the cost of the entire book, written by R.

It was a while back that I somehow came into contact I don’t remember how, maybe through James White? Dr Waldron received a B. I found a lot to disagree with in chapter 25 Of Marriagewhere I felt the author went beyond the Confession and rather offered an exposition of the Westminster Confession.

In the end, I found myself disappointed overall, but really appreciative of chapters 11, 12, 13, and 31, which I thought were his best work. Ursina rated it it was amazing Jan 14, This is precisely the sort of thing that a spell checker produces in the absence of a human editor. This doesn’t universally appear – indeed, in leafing through the book it appears that the bulk of the first inverted commas are where they ought to be – but it happens enough that I ceased to find it surprising.

However, in defending that position Dr. It reminds me of John Calvin’s argument, in his Institutes, for infant baptism on the ground that baptism is the continuation of the covenant of circumcision, which infants received.


This a very good commentary on the Baptist Confession of Faith. Samuel Waldron goes through each chapter and paragraph and expounds biblically on the statements in the confession, with the occasional comment about historical context.

From their nature, and from the ubiquity of some of them, I suspect that they derive from the publisher scanning the text of a previous edition, running it through a spell checker, and then printing the book without any further editing – a sloppy procedure which, at least as to the lack of an actual person reading in order to catch errors, seems to be proliferating like a virus these days.

Iglesia Bautista Reformada Gracia y Verdad – Iglesia Bautista

First a word about the format. The first and foremost thing that I love about this Confession is it’s high, high, high view of God’s sovereign freedom. I’m certain that these errors aren’t Dr. Jul 07, Nick Sommers rated it really liked it. Sometime later I got the recent Recovering a Covenantal Heritage cohfesion.

The whole chapter left me confused as to what his view actually is. Great exposition of the confession which deserves a wide reading. An excellent presentation of historic Christian doctrine. Waldron also argues “covenant status was conferred irrespective of spiritual Only read through parts regarding covenant theology in chapter 7 and Other than that it was a good and helpful commentary on the London Baptist Confession.

Want to Read saving…. The most common word this affects in this edition of Dr.


But if every book in my library had as few ex;osicion as this one does, some of them would be in considerably better shape than they are now. The complete text of the confession is included in each chapter, followed by an outline of the chapter, and finally the exposition.

Waldron obviously holds to a permissive view of marriage, divorce, and remarriage, but he didn’t get it from the Confession and therefore I felt he was out of place including this view with reference to the Westminster where the was silent.

Later on, he adds that “the people of God in the New Covenant will not break the covenant as Israel did and also that all the New Covenant people of God will know the Lord” It is an excellent read and a great introduction to the London Baptist Confession of But hey, it’s his book!


The author did spend some time defining the LCF edits of the Westminster and Savoy documents which was helpful. Waldron’s fault – they surely emanated from the publisher or printer though I must confess it de odd that he apparently didn’t proofread the galleys prior to publication; one would think that an author would earnestly wish to do so to prevent precisely this bajtista of thing.

Refresh and try again. Matthew Pritt rated it it was amazing Dec 31, I was baptized in the Armenian Church and was attending a Baptist church in Holland and was convinced that my baptism was no baptism, so on I was baptist after a profession of faith. Some of the chapters seemed excessively short or skimmed over important ideas.

Demonstrates well the continuing validity of the London Baptist Confession of Faith. Appendix A is a highly appreciated, informative historical survey of the BCF and its origins. The publisher is British, and so the text uses British “inverted commas” rather than American quotation marks, but that’s not a problem – it’s odd to an American eye, but I’ve read enough British works that it doesn’t trouble me.

He writes in a direct and lucid style that will help ministers, students and laymen alike to a clear understanding of this Confession and to its relevance and application to our modern age. David Steele rated it it was amazing Nov 09, I do have some bones to pick with the book.

Chris rated it liked it Jan 24, Waldron doesn’t skimp in his explanations, the pamphlet format of the Confession becomes a thick book pages counting the notes and appendices that could easily serve as a small systematic theology.