Machine installation and certain maintenance operations should only be performed by qualified service personnel. All safety instructions and warnings. View and Download Expobar BREWTUS IV supplemental instructions online. Rotary Pump (IV-R), Vibration Pump(IV), Plumbable Vibration Pump (IV-P). Manuals and User Guides for Expobar BREWTUS IV. We have 1 Expobar BREWTUS IV manual available for free PDF download: Supplemental Instructions.

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Expobr out the video on the right to learn some easy things you can avoid going forward. The PID control displays the brewing temperature and can be used to adjust brew-boiler temperature. Drink your shot to test.

Lift the lever slightly higher. Remove the shower screen. Fahrenheit temperatures are adjustable in one-degree increments. For new users, we recommend that you pop in the pressurized basket and 2-way pin into your portafilter.

Whole Latte Mmanual Support Library.

Set the brew pressure when the machine is cold to prevent accidental burns. To learn about preventing machine-killing scale build-up, check out the video on the right.

Expobar BREWTUS IV Manuals

It will take brewtux 18 minutes for the digital display and pressure gauge to show that both boilers are up to the set temperature. Check out the video on the right for more info. With a proper shot of espresso, you extract the flavors out of the coffee that the roaster intended. You will feel it stop there. To remove the Brewtus, turn the box upside down, open the bottom four flaps, then turn the box right-side-up and lift the box straight up.


Brewfus And Frothing Lift the brew lever all the way up. Retrieved from ” https: For more control, you’ll want to know about how brew ratios and weighing your shots can help you keep a recipe so you can repeat your favorite results.

Advanced Brewing And Operational Techniques If you are having trouble getting good results, give us a call. The bretwus has three positions: To set the brew pressure, insert a backflush disc into the portafilter and place it into the brew group.

Adjusting the pump pressure bdewtus be time consuming and since it is very close to the electrical connection on the boiler, we recommend that all adjustment are done when the machine is not plugged in.

The crema houses the multitude of aromas and flavors that are extracted from the beans.

Aim for 2 to 2. Page 12 Vibration Pump Machines Note: The idea is to softly wet the grounds before pressure is exerted by the pump.

File:BREWTUS IV Machine – Whole Latte Love Support Library

The pressure is necessary to create the crema. Page 5 Hot Water Knob Right Side of Machine When this knob is turned counter clockwise, hot water and some steam will be dispensed through the hot water wand.


Three manul processes are involved with cleaning the brew head: Equal amount of espresso, steamed milk and frothed milk. Accessories It will take around 18 minutes for both the brew boiler and steam boiler to reach operating temperatures.

BREWTUS IV Machine Manual.pdf

There brrwtus nothing that has to be done at initial start up stage to get the water softener ready vrewtus use. Control Lever The lever on the front of the machine controls a valve inside of the brew group and it also controls the pump for brewing. A quick rule-of-thumb we follow is to steam just until the frothing pitcher becomes a little too hot to hold comfortably. Lock the portafilter into the group head. It’s time to get heated. Recipes Espresso Espresso is pressure-brewed coffee.

Congratulations on the purchase of your new Brewtus IV. Repeat until properly motivated to get work done.