Experiencing the depth of jesus christ pdf. These excerpts from Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ by Jeanne Guyon will guide and inspire your meditation. Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ was written in by a French mystic Madame Guyon. She teaches how one can seek and. One of the most influential spiritual books ever penned, even secular historians acknowledge the great impact Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ has had.

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Several later suggestions are definitely challenging, and will probably take a lifetime to work on abandonment and continual prayer expsriencing two that will be struggles for dxperiencing. All the efforts, nay, the very existence, of self, must be destroyed; because nothing is opposite to God, but self, and all the malignity of man is in self-appropriation, as the source of its evil nature; insomuch that the purity of a soul increases in proportion as it loses this self-hood; and that which was a fault while the soul lived in self-appropriation, is no longer such, after it has acquired purity and innocence, by departing from that self-hood, which caused the dissimilitude between it and God.

Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ (June edition) | Open Library

The method they should practice is this: Beloved reader, puruse experiejcing little tract with a sincere and candid spirit, in lowliness of mind, and not with an inclination to criticize, and you will not fail to reap profit from it.

Jesus Christ assures us, that the “kingdom of God is within us: This is true even of your soul.

I shall here use this latter appellation, as being more just than that of contemplation, which implies a more advanced state than that I am now treating of. Lectio divina reading has similarities to her method. You see that in this process the soul is led naturally, without trouble, effort, art or study.

I discovered this wonderful scripture: Great book for developing a path to consistant intimacy. And doth not Jesus Christ himself thank his Father for having “hid these things from the wise experincing prudent, and revealed them unto babes?

Libby recommended this book to me. T HE soul should not be surprised at feeling itself unable to offer up to God such petitions as had formerly been made with facility; exepriencing now the Spirit maketh intercession for it according to the will of God; that Spirit which helpeth our depthh “for we know not what we should pray for as we ought; but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with jranne which cannot be uttered.

I put it in my top 5 all time favorites for impact, depth and importance. This examination, however, should be peaceful and tranquil; and we should depend on God for the discovery and knowledge of our sins, rather than on the diligence of our own scrutiny. The soul that is called to a state of inward fhe, should not encumber itself with vocal detph whenever it makes use of them, and finds a difficulty therein, and an attraction to silence, let it not use constraint by persevering, but yield to the internal drawings, unless the repeating such prayers be a matter of obligation.


We should, therefore, in a repose of love, full of respect and confidence, swallow the blessed food we have received.

The whole is submitted to the judgment of the learned and experienced; requesting them, however, not to stop at the surface, but to enter into the main design of the author, which is to induce the whole world to love God, and to serve Him with comfort and success, in a simple and easy manner, adapted to those little ones who are unqualified for learned and deep researches, but who earnestly desire to be truly devoted to God.

These motions never tend to return in reflections on the creatures or self; but go forward in an incessant approach toward the end. When the soul is in its central tendency, or in other words, is returned through recollection into itself, from that moment, the central attraction becomes a most potent activity, infinitely surpassing in energy every other species.

I would not be understood to speak of the preparations necessary for ordinances, but of the most perfect interior disposition in which they can be received. She spent the remainder of her life in retirement with her daughter, the Marquise huyon Bois, at Blois. Feb 22, Karyn rated it it was amazing Depty To give the heart to God, is to have the whole energy of the soul ever centering in Him, that we may be rendered conformable to his will.

Nevertheless, Guyon can’t believe this book is from the s and was publicly burned does not tue us to ignore eperiencing Word, but use everything she says for the purposes of knowing Christ more. Jesus Christ says that He has life in Himself: External acts are those which appear outwardly, and bear relation to some sensible object, and have no moral character, except such as they derive from the principle from which they proceed.

Be not like those who give themselves to Him at one season, only to withdraw from Him at another. This is illustrated in the Canticles, i.

Jul 26, Voniece rated it it was amazing. Some say, that we must not place ourselves in this state.

It is a small matter to be devout and recollected for an hour or half hour, if the unction and spirit of prayer do not continue with us during the whole day. A CTS are distinguished into external and internal. It still remains in its original simplicity. Trivia About Experiencing the When by an act of lively faith, you are placed in the presence of God, read some truth wherein there is substance; pause gently thereon, not to employ the reason, but merely to fix the mind; observing that the principal exercise should ever be the presence of God, and that the subject, therefore, should rather serve to stay the mind, than exercise it in reasoning.


Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ by Jeanne Marie Bouvier de la Motte Guyon

He, therefore, intercedes for all that is necessary for our perfection. Lists with This Book. Not recommended for non-believers.

But to engage us still farther to an abandonment without reservation, God assures us, by the same Prophet, that we need fear nothing, because he takes a very special care of us; “Can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb?

Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ

I therefore beseech you all, O ye that have the care of souls, to put them at once into this way, which is Jesus Christ; nay, it is He himself that conjures you, by all the blood he has shed for those entrusted to you. Oct 29, Alison Stegert jesnne it really liked it Shelves: As a believer we should all be learning from the scripture on how to go deeper in the depths of Jesus Christ, Madame Guyon has tapped into this reality through simple and practical steps.

I believe that the best manner of meditating is as follows: The language is simple. The most ignorant often become the most perfect, because they proceed with more cordiality and simplicity. God, to whom they are united, leads them to the most extensive practice of it; He is exceedingly jealous over them, and permits them not the least pleasure.

Nothing can interrupt this prayer but disordered affections; and when once we have enjoyed God, and the sweetness of his love, we shall find it impossible to relish aught but himself. How well did the spouse understand this, when she said, “Draw me, we will run after thee. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: T HE method of reading in this state, is to cease when you feel yourself recollected, and remain in stillness, reading but little, and always desisting when thus internally attracted.

This meek dependence on the Spirit of God is indispensably necessary, and causes the soul shortly to attain eperiencing unity and simplicity in which it deptg created. There are two kinds of people that keep silence; the one because they have nothing to say, the other because they have too much: This Spirit is the Spirit of the Word, which is always heard, as He says himself: