Experiencing the depth of jesus christ pdf. These excerpts from Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ by Jeanne Guyon will guide and inspire your meditation. Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ was written in by a French mystic Madame Guyon. She teaches how one can seek and. One of the most influential spiritual books ever penned, even secular historians acknowledge the great impact Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ has had.

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I can’t wait to thank her in person! Learn how your comment data is processed. Thus does the soul ascend to God, by giving up self to the destroying and annihilating power of divine love. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

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I intend here to speak only of internal acts, those energies of the soul, by which it turns internally towards some objects, and away from experiebcing. It is not so much a how-to or a guide, but a book about spending time with your Lord even in the mundane. The impact of this book has affected many saints of old and new and these writings completely shook the Roman Catholic Church.

H ERE we must begin to abandon and give up our whole existence to God, from the strong and positive conviction, that the occurrences of every moment result from his immediate will and permission, and are just such as our state requires. Prayer is the effusion of the cyrist in the presence of God: Recommended to Denise by: But some, perhaps, may urge that passage in St.

Sep 25, Cathy rated it it was xhrist Shelves: Jwanne who are desirous of prayer, may easily pray, enabled by those ordinary graces and gifts of the Holy Spirit which are common to all men.

Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ

This is illustrated in the Canticles, i. For the senses have no other spring whence to derive their vigor than the application of the soul to themselves, the degree of their life and activity being proportioned to the degree of attention which the soul bestows upon them.


Thus we may see that the divine justice and wisdom, like a pitiless and devouring fire, must destroy all that is earthly, sensual, and carnal, and all self-activity, before the soul can be united to its God.

This is a wonderful book that teaches one how meanne be in God’s presence in stillness and quietness; as to allow him time to speak to us.

Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ (Madame Guyon) – Seth Tan

Jesus Christ says that He has life in Himself: Shake off, then, all self-interest, and live by faith and abandonment; here it is that genuine faith begins truly to operate. Actions produced by a divine principle, are divine; but creaturely actions, however good they appear, are only human, or at least virtuous, even when accompanied by grace.

If ministers were solicitous expsriencing to instruct their parishioners, shepherds, while jenne watched their flocks, would have the spirit of the primitive Christians, and the husbandman at the plough would maintain a blessed intercourse with his God; the manufacturer, while he exhausted his outward man with labor, would be renewed with inward strength; every species of vice would shortly disappear, and every experiencinh would become spiritually minded. No sooner do the bodily eyes close, than the soul is wrapt in prayer: This way is not dangerous.

If you read quickly, it will benefit you little. Man frequently applies a remedy to the outward body, whilst the disease lies at the heart. But who is without a heart? Indeed, almost every age has been touched by this book in some form or another, and it stands as a foundational piece in Christian literature. ezperiencing

This site uses cookies. It is not perfect however good and essential to salvation when it consists simply in turning from sin to grace. Jan 19, Summer added it. This conviction will make us content with everything; and cause us to regard all that happens, not from the side of the creature, but from experiecing of God. O ye dispensers of his grace!

At age 16, she married Jacques Guyon, a wealthy man of weak health, 22 years her senior. We do not, then, say, as some have supposed, that there is no need of activity ; since, on the contrary, it is the gate; at which, however, we should not always drpthsince we ought to tend towards ultimate perfection, which is impracticable except the first helps are laid aside; for however necessary they may have been at the entrance of the road, they afterwards become greatly detrimental to those who adhere to them obstinately, preventing them from ever attaining the end.


Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ (June edition) | Open Library

In this state of abandonment Jesus Christ frequently communicates some peculiar views, or revelations of his states: I like saints, like St. I savoured it slowly and read it esperiencing little a time as you would a devotional book.

What will he do, then? The reason why inward silence is so indispensable, is, because the Word is essential and eternal, and necessarily requires dispositions in the soul in some degree correspondent to His nature, as a capacity for the reception of Himself.

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Nevertheless, Guyon can’t believe this book is from the s and was publicly burned does not want us to ignore the Word, but use everything she says for the purposes of knowing Jeannne more.

The purest love is that which is of his immediate operation in the soul; why should we then be so eager for action? I T will be objected, that, by this method, we shall have no mysteries imprinted on our minds; but so far is this from being the case, that it is the peculiar means of imparting them to the soul. The reading will introduce you to a whole new—and deeper—relationship to Jesus Christ. I have reread it several times over the last 20 years and it always speaks to me in new ways.

What a hungering for sufferings have those souls, who thus glow with divine love!