Every Little Thing in the World. Nina de Gramont, Author. S&S/Atheneum $ (p) ISBN I wish I could say that about Nina de Gramont’s book, Every Little Thing in the World, but I can’t. This book, about a teenage girl dealing with her. Every Little Thing in the World. Deborah Stevenson. de Gramont, Nina. Every Little Thing in the World. Atheneum, [p]. ISBN $

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It made be uncomfortable to read some of the book too due to contradictions of my beliefs. I just don’t understand why read something that has no resolution whatsoever. Once I started reading this book I could grmont put it down because of how interesting it was. By the end, I ebery started to have a little respect for Sydney. May 21, Diana Dang rated it it was amazing. But I had a pretty good feeling about this story. Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books. I think de Gramont perfectly captured the troubles of a pregnant teen and brought up some interesting points.

The descriptions of the Canadian summer made me wish I was there now. I love the cover though but it doesn’t portray the theme of the book, nor does the summary, for that matter.

Sydney doesn’t tell him either.

Every Little Thing in the World « Nina de Gramont

I don’t usually like “girl books” all that much, but I really liked this one. It was decently written and pretty realistic. Particularly interesting is Sydney’s changing relationship with Mick, the youthful offender who’s taking the trip as a form of rehab: May 18, Stephanie A. When Hting best friend Natalia steals her mother’s car to take Sydney to confront the father, the girls are caught, and Sydney’s father signs Sydney up for a one-month canoe trip to help her rethink her life’s direction.


Sydney’s situation is one that looms over many readers, and they’ll both be moved by her experience and enlightened by her reflections as she struggles to make a decision.

May 28, Sarah rated it did not like it. But that didn’t brig the stars down. In the wilds of Canada, where the girls are to spend the next four weeks canoeing, camping and foraging for food, time is ticking, lirtle Sydney isn’t sure what she wants to do about her pregnancy.


The female counselor becomes frustrated and screams, “Boys in the back, girls in the front! By the end of the book I believe that she has had her fill of the “fun” life.

Sid almost drowns because her camp counselors encourage her to slide down a re leading to a waterfall without a PFD. There were many more philosophical thoughts and evaluations of life that weren’t present in live-for-the-moment times earlier.

Every little thing counts, every decision changes our path, and we just have to keep moving forward. She couldn’t have the baby, because she didn’t want to have to worry and deal with the oncoming struggling of it.


She didn’t end up ghe her mom that she was pregnant had wanted the abortion until the moment she was in the hospital during a rescue of the camp. As for the plot of the book, I did not know what to expect for Sydney’s decision.

So often, the issue is avoided ala Party of Five with Julia’s miscarriage, or by having the character find the right adoption plan. Oct 27, Julia rated it liked it Shelves: Sydney is 16 and pregnant. I couldn’t decide if I thought the reader was trying to infuse emotion into her reading; she often sounded annoyed or sad or bored.

Every Little Thing in the World

Every Little Thing in the World is an emotional, enlightening, and fast paced tale of one girl’s choice between what’s right and wrong when it comes to her pregnancy and her. The characters were very well done and it was very atmospheric for a realistic book, which I really liked. And to be honest, I enjoyed it for the first few chapters. Every Little Thing in the World will appeal to those who enjoy realistic fiction and egery fiction.