KA Applegate did a Reddit IAMA session in The implication seems to be that her decision to stop writing the Everworld novels was driven by dramatically . Search for Senna (Everworld #1) [K.A. Applegate] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When David’s girlfriend Senna is swallowed up by the. EverWorld Set (Ever World) [K. A. Applegate] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Complete set

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Search for Senna by Katherine Applegate. But being scared was one thing. They are ruled by a number of kings who are ruled by a high king. They then began to conquer everything they came across, while collecting gods for their deity to consume.

They are generally seen with chainmail and some sort of weapon. I’m not really sure what the author was attempting to do with this book because it just seems like a poor set up for the rest of the series. They are known to have close relations to the Vikingsas is evidenced by their metalwork in Viking ships, as well as their reverence for Thor and Baldur.

The sun god makes his appearance at the top of a pyramid Applegatw not surprising, then, that there isn’t a lot of time for characterization. I loved Animorphs too! On Everworld as a whole, I picked up this series as a kid because it was applegahe the same author of the Animorphs series that I loved. You should have worn your tinfoil hat.


You know a guy is funny when a week later you can still feel the little knives he stuck in you.

Gothic Fiction, part I Book Review: And found themselves in a world they could have never imagined. Is she working for Loki? Small Review December 5, at 8: Animorphs ended in what was probably the far outreaches of my ability to understand adult themes, and Everworld in the first 50 pages already far outdistanced that, I think. AMA Note that I’ve edited slightly to remove chatter. I’m rereading these for about the fourth or fifth time now, but the first since I left behind my teen years.

Darcie Little Badger December. The symbol on their breastplates is a bloody dagger with two red diamonds. If they had only been total action books, they would have still been great, but they went much deeper than that. They have loosed the fateful lightning of their terrible swift swords, the Vikes are marching on! You leave out all the good stuff: Many gods were in the Everworld series.

Small Review: Book Review: Everworld series by K. A. Applegate

They have large red eyes with blue pupils, two main arms as well as two smaller arms that have more dexterity and are on the sides of their faces.


Dec 07, Tiina rated it liked it.

Sister series to Animorphs written by K. Especially cons I was talking with Radio2isStatic about rereading the Everworld series, since we read them way back in high school. We were just kids. Everything is so intense.

Email Required, but never shown. This series is great for younger adults, especially those who I read this book as a teenager and only recently bought the last books, so I re-read it last year. Merlin is often allied with these beings. Is it the testosterone? Jun 08, Tommy Grooms rated it liked it. They are also the most cosmopolitan of Everworld humans, as they readily accept people of other races into their ranks African, Asian, etc.

She doesn’t have to be as brilliant as Jalil to get it, she’s tenacious. This first book is a lot of fun while it introduces you to the characters, plot, and Everworld itself.

Search for Senna

Not as good as I remember it being. Dwarves are a mountain dwelling race. Thanks for telling us about the problem.