The Behringer EUROPOWER PMP Powered Mixer has 16 channels and delivers Watts of massive power (bridged) and incredible performance. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Buy Behringer Europower PMP , Black at Amazon UK. User Manual. EUROPOWER. PMP/PMP/PMP /1,Watt 12, 16 and Channel Powered Mixer with Multi/Dual Multi-FX Processor and.

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When you call, mention priority code 1MCV-4C What do you think? Rate and Review This Product. See all Behringer Pmpp3000 Mixers. See all Behringer Products. See all Powered Mixers. No humming, buzzing, etc. None of the members in our group are sound techs.

20 Most Recent Behringer Pmp 16 Channel Audio Mixer Questions & Answers – Fixya

That was with 3 out of 4 people not knowing anything about set-up. This unit has more features than I see our present group ever needing. This is without sound people! Only time will tell about true quality. We have only set-up about 10 times as of now, but seems to be a GREAT bang for the buck as far as quality goes.

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I can say sound quality is as good as I’ve heard for small systems. Right out of the box, the PMP seems to be a wonderful value.

Not needed any so far. I think I know what you mean. Overall I would purchase this product again the way I’m using it. Again, I feel the europowfr value can only p,p3000 proven in time.

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I europowet Behringer overall to continue to perform. I have NO regrets. Nothing gets a 10 from me. I do believe there is always room for improvment. I hear compliments all the time on how great this board sounds. I have also heard it at another DJ’s show. Its all in the mix. Even for such low end speakers as the peaveys are I still think the sound is clean and clear for the money.

I do wish it cranked a bit more power than w 8ohms. There were no accessories with this other than a power cable. The correct levels for each channel. The onboard FX are great IF you know what does what. The last major complaint I have is that it is not rackmountable and I cannot for the life of me find a decent case for it, so I am lugging it around and have been for over the past year in the worn and tattered box which is falling apart. If its just simple plug and play with a few guitars mics and drums, and maybe an iPod or CD player, and you have speakON connectors you should be gravy, just please pay attention to where your trims are set.

There is a crappy manual so i didnt give it a great score. I have been gigging with this on a regular basis and it seems to be holding up well for me, I try my best to take care of it though as well as all of my equipment.

It looks pretty nice and people say man, thats a NICE board you’re using. I feel it looks pretty professional, except to stuck up musicians who are biased with mackie or allen and heath, or something really high end.

I work in smoky bars nights a week and sometimes some weddings. Im not going to spend for the next step up which is most likely a yamaha EMXC which adds bucks to the bottom line.

Ill take the PMP thanks. Sound quality is good. Eurpoower much else to say. The mixer really is great value for money. The FX processor is good, the EQ is nice for compensating for the speakers.

Really like the ‘power amp insert’ channels, good idea. Voice canceler is fun to have an on-the-fly wave flip.

Behringer Europower PMP3000 Manuals

If you only want to hear what is coming out of the FX processor and you have left your headphones somewhere elsesend the FX to Mon1 and set Mon1 in the amp mode. Not much more need be eufopower.

Assuming you have some knowledge about mixers a la not the sort of person who thinks inserts are cool because they must mean you can plug pmp30000 instruments inyou will find this thing easy to use. This is the upper end of portable. I can lug it around without problems the handle makes this very very easy to do but if it were any larger think PMPI would think twice before moving it.


I read a review before I bought this that said that some channels were not pulled out of the mix when the faders were down. I did not believe this when I tried it and it seemed not to be the case but I finally discovered where it occurs. Not a huge problem but a little disappointing, especially as there is not per-out eg: Bridge mode does not seem any different, take that bridged power rating with a grain or two of salt. Main Out mode has, so far, been good. Very good value for all the features you get at the price.

Have not dealt with their support people. Take the power rating with a grain of salt. Good number of features. This mixer was easy to learn. Despite what others have said in their reviews, I think the manual was very easy to use. I studied the manual for a couple of days and can now use all of the features.

This product is user-friendly and takes ejropower mystery out of mixing. The build-quality is actually pretty good for such a cheap mixer. This thing is solid. Even the carrying handle is solid. You could use this duropower as a last-ditch weapon at a show that got out of hand possibly because the audience couldn’t hear the vocals in the mix. The faders and knobs are solid and have held up well.

Even after more than a year, none of the faders or knobs are “scratchy”.

The value of this product really depends on what you intend to use it for. The wattage is grossly exaggerated and thus this thing is clearly underpowered for most live situations. You can not use it for an outdoor performance or a noisy bar full of people. I’m not sure that I would even use this for hosting an open-mic night. It really has no power omp3000 speak of.

My band couldn’t even use this thing for rehearsals. Even with decent mics Shure Betathis powered mixer could not compete with an acoustic drum kit or the Mesa Boogie half-stacks our guitarists use. Just to hear the vocals, we had to run it in bridged mode still not enough power. These days, I use the mixer for recording as a europoqer of processing vocals or especially recording a drum kit. This thing is no good for live performance except for maybe duropower street performance.

I’ve never had to contact Behringer so I’m basing my rating on the user manual.