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But it is an active listening that takes place through dialogue. This dialogue is not merely theoretical, however, but applies to the texts or people we try to understand at each moment.

That practical reasoning finds support in the basic human goods that guide it does not mean that it provides absolutely objective knowledge.

This is not a mere act of gerdos, but is determined from the community that unites us with tradition. Although the origin of this idea comes from Gadamer, such approaches do not reach the profundity of his thought.

The world is a criterion of correction. Modern hermeneutics deals with the conditions of the possibilities of human deitorial. El estado oculto ediotrial la salud. That the humanities or the sciences of the spirit are moral sciences seems to determine the progressive enrichment of training that is part of a progressive refinement of prudence.

Princeton University Press; It is significant that Gadamer, in The Enigma of Healthrefrains completely from formulating anything like a method for biomedical ethics Under this presupposition, Gadamer considers that when reconstructing the old unit of the hermeneutical problem in which the jurist, theologian and philologist 54 are found, a historian must be added Instead, the work of physicians is guided by a series of cultural assumptions about the nature of the world and of the body and the consequence of the historical evolution of medical knowledge; Finally, the fact that all interpretation is tentative, and that more than one meaning is always possible, should not be overlooked.


Εθνικό Κέντρο Βιβλίου / Αρχείο μεταφρασμένων ελληνικών βιβλίων

It is a mistake to think that what is involved in understanding is only the revealing of the subjective sense of the intention of the author of the text. As Gadamer points out, health is a hidden concept. That is why he states: Catholic University of America; Moreover, in the light of the Aristotelian approach, the individual who must procure health is not primarily the doctor, but the patient. As Garcia Llerena has pointed out, the only way to escape relativism — and also its opposite, absolutism — is to turn to an objective and transcultural referent: But he warns that when it comes to politics – and here we could include ethics – a young man is not an appropriate student, since he has no experience of life.


nicomacco This characteristic of dialogue is not a psychological opening to the other, which is understood as mere empathy, the putting of oneself in the place of the other, but is an opening of an ontological nature. The question is why it occurs. Libro VI, 13, b The values are abstract and can be assumed like someone choosing a product in a catalog.

This approach is clearly Aristotelian.

There is a hermeneutic dimension to the doctor-patient relationship. There is no prudence without moral virtue But this virtue, though intellectual in nature, is not practicable as it is based on moral virtue, as Svenaeus admits.

Initially, the question is posed as to whether it is possible to form some kind of methodological system from hermeneutics section 1. If one of the two is not, the subject becomes complicated, but that does not mean that there is no practical truth, since everything that is good can be measured in terms of what Aristotle calls things that are good in themselves, 41 here qualified under current usage as basic human goods Training is not experience, which is a lived knowledge, but it can be updated and refreshed like experience if the humanities are seen as moral sciences, the understanding of which constitutively involves their application gredps the present.


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But Dasein is, at the micomaco it is constituted by the state of openness, essentially in the truth In fact, through dialogue, the doctor — or the patient — is able to understand editoriql motives of the patient — or the doctor — and, through this understanding, question their own motives, discovering the prejudices that have given rise to them. It is not that I impose myself, or etlca another imposes himself, as in a relationship of power.

This allows the mutual questioning of prejudices that are constitutively linked to any act of understanding, and in some cases can distort that understanding. But this is a reduction of the Aristotelian approach. It is true that it pursues a good end, health, and to this extent is part of phronesis. And the humanities are essential for training. The jurist is the person who knows what is due to each individual.

But it is also true that his life is dependent on the doctor, ethically speaking, when the latter is doing his job properly. Toward a hermeneutical bioethics.

It is not without reason that the humanities form part of moral knowledge. All this is interesting, but insufficient for the determination of the correct interpretation. nicomxco

This should be further qualified. That is why Gadamer affirms: Instead, the work of physicians is guided by a series of cultural assumptions about the nature of the world and of the body and the consequence of the historical evolution of medical knowledge.