The Eskom Bursary covers various fields of study, including Accounting, Engineering, IT, Safety Full Eskom Bursary: Eskom Bursary Application Form . pdf). If you wish to apply for Eskom bursaries you can visit their website and complete your online Complete application forms must be returned to. FULL TIME BURSARY APPLICATION FORM. Please complete this form using BLOCK LETTERS. CLOSing daTE: 31 JuLy fOR SuPPORT ThE fOLLOwing yEaR .

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Chieta is a public corporation that enhances people skills in the field of chemical and energy sector. Department of Education Learnership.

For further information about this learnerships visit this page. This learnerships offered to South Africa citizen with age If required more information of the vacant learnerships eskmo, simply refer to this webpage.

Apply Eskom Bursaries Free Funding

Nampak offers a high number of careers for South Africans. Successful candidates will then be provided with comprehensive documentation relating to the Eskom bursaries scheme as well as a written contract and other documentation for completion to be returned back to Eskom.

This bursary is mainly geared towards the needs of Eskom as a business; it is awarded to deserving academic students.

Opportunities are also forsm for people who have enrolled in on the right university and the right major. The requirements are Grade 12 with Math, under 35 years, and must be an unemployed person. This company offers some learnerships programs as well as bursaries.


As an addition to that, most of the people Learner would need to apply for a degree app,ication various major that required by Eskom Bursaries. The South African Broadcasting Corporation SABC offers learnerships and internships in broadcast engineering, radio production, television operations and other media and broadcast related qualifications.

Eskom Bursary South Africa – SA Bursaries

For the yearthe learnership program has been closed. A written proof of your university admission is required. In the other side, Implats has corporate responsibilities through Implats Learnerships. Individuals who wish to apply will have to meet a certain set of requirements in order to be considered for the any of the three Eskom bursaries available:. They are the main guard in South Africa. This is a great career since it is not only about salary, but this is a Good people need to be build and appljcation to provide safe mines for workers and work the commercial process better.

Transnet offers career opportunities for South Africans graduates. Both Eskom Vacancies and Eskom Learnerships always get enthusiasm wpplication many students. This company provides an ideal job for South African graduates through Sappi Learnerships.

For more information on the requirements visit this page. The offered positions including IT, sales, marketing, and project management. Working in Mondi through learnership program will be a prestigious advantage especially for South African graduates. Unfortunately, the application is now closed. For more information regarding Liberty Learnership, please visit this page.


Specific information can access through the webpage including the application form and the specific requirements. Applicants must be between 18 and 35 years and must have Grade 12 certificate.

Eskom Bursaries South Africa 2018 – 2019

Department of Social Development Learnership. This place offers a various learnership position for unemployed graduates. Lonmin was frequently offering learnerships in engineering fields.

Murray and Roberts is an engineering, applicatoon, construction, and project management company. I applied for national diploma of electrical engineering at VUT so I want to know that if apply this bursary will it starting paying my fees this year or i need to wait till next year. For more information regarding the learnerships program, please visit this webpage. They should have enough 2106 to work under pressure and capable in making good grades in certain major.

It has a mutual partnership with Merseta to conduct this training program. Nampak is a packaging company in South Africa. Through getting a better career, it can lead to a better life too.