Ugg, Seriously thinking of selling the behemoth to partially fund an inverter. Don’t really see any for sale, so tough to get a feel for what it’s worth. Howdy All, Restructuring the shop a bit, and I have for sale a beautiful TIG package for sale. Heliarc AC/DC Squarewave. Really nice. Description. General Info: Stock #: YT Location: Stone Mountain, GA. Brand: ESAB. Model: Heliarc AC/DC. Serial #: TA (Welder).

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Login or Sign Up. Search in titles only Search in Welding Discussions only Search. Previous 1 2 template Next. Esab Tig I had my heart set on a Miller machine, but the opportunity has come about to purchase a five year old ESAB probably cheap??

FS: ESAB Heliarc Tig welder package

If you guys think it might be worthwhile what would you consider to be a good price? The unit appears to be in reasonable shape. I found it is in a business that fabricates race car frames and has allegedly only been used for aluminum work. The story is that they upgraded and have no use for the My eeab asked me why I would want something so large in my shop, but I thought if it were cheap enough I might give it a shot.

Nick, Why don’t you give Scott a PM he might know something about one of those. Better yet, tell your wife to get you a Dynasty DX, it’s a much more reasonable size. Sundown, Thanks for the reply. I did PM Scott, but he has not answered me yet.

I actually PM’ed you the other day esag. Maybe the PM’s are not working properly. Benny, Thank you for the info. I just spoke to the guy.

He said that they upgraded to a Dynasty and that it works fine. The only negative aspects of the purchase are that I will have to drive miles each way to pick it up and I will have to have amp service installed in my shop I currently have 50 amp service. I am partial but it looks like to me if the Dynasty will do all of what you need it is a no brainer to me. I just got a dx to go esqb with the dx in my shop and the is so small it’s like it don’t exist compared to the old syncrowave or even the dx.


I have thought of dropping a shelf down out of the cieling and having it overhead if I can come up with a good plan. No Floor Space items make me happy Originally posted by fun4now View Post. Card for a dyndx hheliarc get some work done to pay for it. Fun, I am a hobbiest who works hrliarc time in healthcare and who takes welding classes because I enjoy welding.

I have actually done some repair jobs for folks and have dabbled in some ornamental iron to boot. I am currently fabricating a trailer. So that will give you some background. As for the TIG situation I would not like to have this enormous unit heiarc my shop periodbut it seemed like a cost effective geliarc to get a high quality TIG at a reasonable price. I know that you love Dynastys as most guys do on this forum, but in reality this TIG would probably be able to do most things that the Dynasty could do except for the portability issue.

Attached Files front r. Again, here is my typical thoughts on the subject.

For you, there is no reason to buy the Dynasty dx. It’s too expensive, ehliarc small, and if portability is your thing there’s probably better ways of getting the job done. The ESAB is a machine that will serve you well for a long time and it’s probably something you will never outgrow unless you become a full-time, heavy-working fab shop. Even then, it’ll still be worth having in a shop like that. The fact that you can get these machines with accessories such as torches, coolers, ground clamps, remote controls, flowmeters, etc.

In the future you can upgrade to a comparable inverter like the Dynasty or and you’ve already got the accessories you need so helarc you sell the ESAB, buy the Dynasty power edab and you’ve got that inverter adjustability. Again, if you don’t know you need those last little things inverters can do then chances are it’s not needed.

Heliarc AC/DC TIG Welding Power Source //V 60HZ

Get a machine that you can learn well on and do all the work that comes up. The Dynasty loses everytime. To me is the magic number that makes a machine cover all the bases. I also think the ESAB machine is pretty small in its own right.


If you’re strictly hobby and just wanna say you have a tig machine for fun go for something like the TA. But in my experience you can still get much more machine and package on the used market for the money. I still think the Hellarc is an overpriced, under-sized unit, that only makes sense for a full-time shop as dedicated small work machine or as backup. Again, if you just have the money to blow and that’s not an issue for you, there’s nothing wrong with buying one if you like.


I agree with Billet Benny on this one. Even new, the Esab is a really good bargain. I had the ESAB I never liked the AC portion of the machine ac frequency factory set too high and not adjustable and then after less than 30 hours on the unit the went up in smoke. It took several weeks for ESAB to do anything finally my Airgas store gave me a loner it went up in smoke with ten minutes the third one lasted about 2 hours.

All with no money out of my pocket. Now Airgas has my business for life and I am back in the friendly arms of mother Miller. Buy American and Buy local. In fact Airgas finally got Esab to buy back all those machines. Including the Esab’s rep machine. He said get me a Thermal.

That is a Italian Esab that was never made for a foot control. It was added later. The is made in Hsliarc Carolina and is not related in anyway to the The has been in that design longer then all the rest of the rec.

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