Una de las facetas más interesantes de la ENDUTIH está en la revisión que se hace del uso de telecomunicaciones a nivel estatal. Una nación. Ghana Living Standards Survey / Comisión Federal de Telecomunicaciones, Estimate to December based on ENDUTIH survey. Refers to total. National Survey on Availability and Use of ICT in Households, ENDUTIH. International Telecommunications Union (ITU) () ITU World.

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Using the tense security situation and the war on drugs as justification, the government has sndutih its surveillance powers. How is Mexico advancing women’s online access? In cooperation with the private sector, make available the benefits of new technologies, especially information and communications 8.

Special rapporteurs of freedom of expression from the UN have asked legislators to reevaluate the law and to consult with civil society enutih. Despite the challenges, however, financially independent digital media outlets are appearing in Mexico, enriching the media ecosystem with alternative agendas that support human rights and the right to endutig.

While access has steadily improved, Mexico’s internet freedom environment declined due to prolific manipulation tactics that distorted online discussions ahead of the elections. The implementation of the Telecommunications Law has brought tangible benefits for internet access in Mexico. Manuales enditih la ONU. Articulo 19,” March 20, ” http: In Februarythe Supreme Court also ruled in favor of Televisa, ordering IFT to revisit its finding that the company had “substantial power” in the pay-TV market.

The Mexican Constitution guarantees freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and privacy of personal communications.

GHO | Global Observatory on eHealth – Key Indicators | Internet usage – by country

The climate of violence and harassment towards the media contributes to significant self-censorship in states heavily afflicted by violence; only inthe NGO Article 19 documented aggressions against journalists and 12 journalists killed, at least four of whom worked for online media.

By mid, companies had not yet changed their prices as a result of this decision. Ahora amenazan mediante grabaciones” [ You’re deadsays a voice. The Mexican government has used the poor security situation in the country as an excuse to dramatically increase surveillance. A wholesale wireless network launched operations in Marchaiming to offer data capacity to other operators and expand coverage to underserved regions. Steven Melendez, “To see the future of social media manipulation in politics, look to Mexico” Fast Company, February 2, http: Five years after introducing reforms to reshape the telecommunications industry, Mexico has noted some tangible improvements in internet connectivity, quality of service, and prices.


Reforms to the National Code on Criminal Procedure, published on June 17,now require a judicial warrant for government entities to use geolocation, save for some exceptional cases, such as kidnapping investigations when a person’s life or physical integrity is in danger.

In Aprilhowever, digital rights groups raised the alarm nedutih approved changes to the Federal Copyright Law, which would allow courts to order precautionary measures against content suspected of copyright infringement.

20012 reform package seeks to develop a wholesale wireless network Red Compartida and backbone network Red Troncal to improve quality, affordability, and coverage of telecommunication services across the country. The use of bots to manipulate online debates has also been documented in several studies.

The Telecommunications Law expanded on and partially replaced previous legislation that increased surveillance and allowed for real-time geolocation.

While citizens continued to use digital tools to ensutih against impunity, corruption, and gender violence, online manipulation is widespread in Mexico’s digital sphere.

Freedom on the Net 2018 – Mexico

Civil society and several international human rights organizations, as well as experts from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and United Nations, called on the government of Mexico to conduct an independent investigation into allegations of illegal spying.

While Mexico’s mobile penetration still lags behind other countries in the region, the numbers have increased. As part of a constitutional reform, the government established a new autonomous regulatory agency known as the Federal Telecommunications Institute IFT to increase transparency of media regulation.

Articles and of the Telecommunications Law establish protections for net neutrality. Court,” Enduttih UniversalApril 19,http: Digital activists decried the impact ejdutih this change on freedom of expression online, as courts would be able to order measures such as censorship of online content or seizure of equipment without providing proof that copyright violations have taken place.

Fixed telephone suscriptions per inhabitants – UN official.


Reliance on public advertising renders independent media vulnerable to content manipulation or closure due to lack of funding, [ 58 ] although the former appears to be the more pernicious of the two trends. Physical attacks against online reporters and online death threats were frequently reported during this period.


InReporters Without Borders declared that Mexico, and particularly the state of Veracruz, remained the most dangerous country in Latin America for journalists and one of the most dangerous in the world.

No evidence has been documented that the government or other actors blocked or filtered internet any other ICT content. Government requests to social media companies for information regarding their users increased during the coverage period. High levels of violence against journalists endutib to severely limit internet freedom. While citizens continued to use digital tools to protest against impunity and corruption, online manipulation continued to proliferate, especially in the run-up to the presidential and congressional elections.

In a context of distrust due to the recent revelations of illegal surveillance practices see “Surveillance, Privacy and Anonymity”a National Cybersecurity Strategy introduced in sparked concerns among digital rights activists who highlighted the lack of control or transparency mechanisms within the strategy.

A Telecommunications Law was subsequently approved in Julybut in Maythe Supreme Court largely upheld controversial provisions that pose a risk to privacy see “Surveillance, Privacy, and Anonymity”. Although defamation was decriminalized at the federal level incriminal defamation statutes continue to exist at the state level. In Puebla, for example, independent media organizations say the state government uses a combination of state, municipal, and university advertising as a way to control the editorial independence of local media.

Monitoreo de los ODM.

Digital rights groups raised the alarm about newly approved changes to enditih Federal Copyright Law, which would allow courts to order precautionary measures against content suspected of copyright infringement see Blocking and Filtering. Some 20 million users have Instagram. Journalists and activists have frequently reported cases of digital surveillance and cyberattacks, including Enduih attacks and malicious software, often in retaliation for coverage of corruption or human rights-related issues:.

In EndutijCitizen Lab and Mexican partner organizations had documented at least 21 cases of journalists, human rights lawyers, activists, and political figures being targeted with the spying software Pegasus. IFT” [The spectrum authorized to Telcel does not affect competition: Using the tense security situation and the war on drugs as justification, the government has continued to expand surveillance powers with little accountability and oversight.