If the expression “metaphysical exile” had no meaning, my existence alone would afford it one. Emil Cioran (8 April – 20 June ) was a Romanian. Emil Cioran (–) was a Romanian-born French philosopher and author of some two dozen books of savage, unsettling beauty. Emil Cioran, Self: La memoria fértil. Emil Cioran was born on April 8, in Rasinari, Romania as Emil Mihail Cioran. He died on June 20, in Paris.

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University of Iowa Press. Preoccupied sooran the problems of death and suffering, he was attracted to the idea of suicidebelieving it to be an idea that could help one go on living, an idea which he fully explored in On the Heights of Despair. Amid the manuscripts, which were mainly drafts of works that had already been published, an unedited journal was found which encompassed his life after the year in which his Notebooks end.

His writing style is whimsical, unsystematic, fragmentary; he is celebrated as one of the great masters of aphorism. Cioran started writing The Passionate Handbook in and finished it by Cioran and the Rise of Fascism in Romaniapublished siooran English ingives an in-depth analysis of The Transfiguration.

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No matter what, you never stop failing. Yet Cioran did not content himself with being a distant observer of failure. All triumphs are moral. He first encountered failure in his native land, among his fellow Romanians. Hunt for weaknesses in philosophical systems, fight for moral and esthetic ideals? Professing a lack of interest siorwn conventional philosophy in his early youth, Cioran dismissed abstract speculation in favor of personal reflection and passionate lyricism.


Such an existence would be serenity embodied, wisdom in flesh: One of these writers was Oswald Spengler who influenced Cioran’s political philosophy in that he offered Gnostic reflections on the destiny of man and civilization. A Short History of Decay. On 28 November, for the state-owned Romanian RadioCioran recorded a speech centered on the sioean of Corneliu Zelea Codreanuformer leader of the movement, praising him and the Guard for, among other things, “having given Romanians a purpose”.

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It was the last book he wrote in Romanianthough not the last to deal with pessimism emio misanthropy through delicate and lyrical aphorisms. By then Cioran was already in France, reinventing himself in another language. Great ideas can be stained by failure, and so can books, philosophies, institutions, and political systems. The lifelong practice of failure, along with an obsessive reflection on it, eventually changed Cioran.


Cioran was not only aware of it, but he also cultivated it all his life. Injust out of college, he was awarded a visiting graduate studentship at the Friedrich Wilhelm University in Berlin. With him, self-contradiction is not even a weakness, but the sign a mind is alive. What was wrong with him, you are asking, just as his democratically minded friends were at the emip At the climax of failure, at the moment when shame is about to do us in, suddenly we are swept away by a frenzy of pride which lasts only long enough to fmil us, to leave us without energy, to lower, with our powers, the intensity of our shame.

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Destroy All Rock Novels. The books he wrote in Romanian especially display this latter characteristic. This page was last edited on 25 Decemberat The greatest country in the world reduced to such a state of decay! But my tears would drown the world, as my inner fire would reduce it to ashes. Spanish, Russian, cannibal — anything, except what I was. On the Heights of Despair 3, ratings.

All societies are bad; but there are degrees, I admit, and if I have chosen this one, it is because I can distinguish among the nuances of trumpery. Although Cioran was never a member of the group, it was during this time in Romania that he began taking an interest in the ideas put forth by the Iron Guard —a far right organization whose nationalist ideology he supported until the early years of World War IIdespite allegedly disapproving of their violent methods.

In a sense, however, he had already left before he died. On Melancholy as a Hungarian Condition.

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Wikimedia Commons has media related to Emil Cioran. The theme of human alienation, the emul prominent existentialist theme, presented by Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert Camusis thus formulated, inby young Cioran: In his books, Cioran never stopped berating the gods, except, we might say, for the god of failure, the demiurge of the Gnostics. Who was this man?

Translated by Richard Howard.