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AS Single phase Smart Meter. Product manual – PDF

Time particulars h, min, sec are separated by colons, date particulars year, month, day by the top dots of the colons. This feature will be available even if the meter is not connected to the main power. No part of this publication may.

Incorrect installation More information. The meter cover is secured by 2 certification relevant seals The case rlster double insulated to protective class II.

The symbols for the measured variable involved have been switched off if the power is below the device’s start-up threshold. In addition, the “R5” command can be used to read out individually all the registers contained in the readout list. The total parameters provided for the block demand measurement are as follows: No part of this document may be reproduced, transmitted, processed or recorded by any means or form, electronic, dlster, photographic or otherwise, translated to another language, or be released to any third party without the express written consent of ELSTER GmbH.

Indicator for negative active power Indicator for positive reactive power Indicator for negative reactive power The relevant symbols will elstdr when the meter is not programmed to measure this energy direction. This is to record. This feature is very useful for future tariff changes.

Buying and installing a smart meter

The following equation shows how total active power is calculated x220 theft-resistant measurement. Connection to the data network eleter Peter Meredith The multi-functional integrator Supercal The multi-functional integrator Supercal Design The Supercal integrator is suitable for connecting Pt or Pt temperature sensor pairs with 2 or 4-conducting wire techniques.


The multi-functional integrator Supercal Design The Supercal integrator is suitable for connecting Pt or Pt temperature sensor pairs with 2 or 4-conducting wire techniques.

The default More information.

Datenblatt A220

While a measured value is actually being displayed, then it will not be updated in the scroll mode. The analog measured variables obtained are digitized in the ASIC and fed to a downstream digital signal processor, which uses them to compute the active or reactive powers plus the corresponding energies, and forwards energy-proportional pulses to the tariff module.

The case provides an ingress protection rating of IP Product Specification instalert Rapid Messenger Variable Message Sign instalert 2 units to cover any application instalert 18 ia Lowest CT is 40A.

Additionally with a wireless M-Bus communication gas- and water-meters can be readout using the MHz frequency Integrated load profile The meter offers an integrated load profile with up to 8 channels Readout during power outage By pushing the display button the meter is able to display all billing data even if the main power is absent.

The end of a list is designated in the display with the word “End” in the value range. Demand values per period Energy values per period Energy Register every period Features of the load profile storage Load profiles are read out using the formatted “R5” command, which causes a load profile formatted with OBIS to be output. Most likely I just need the basic model. No part of this document may be reproduced, stored in.

The top fixing centers are provided, one internal and one external The terminal cover is moulded in light beige colored polycarbonate. Using QPro it s possible to upload and download configuration parameters for the following devices: The load profile memory possesses the following characteristics: XXX Demand, tariff 1, historical w220 X.

Besides tariff control, the integrated lock timer is also used to form the maximum integration period elzter the time stamps for maximum demand, load profile and logbook Fig. The user has the option for using an own identifier system but to follow the international standardization the OBIS Identifier system EN is recommended see appendix, chapter Power-monitoring unit PowerLogic System.


Output of the telegram’s data always begins with the oldest interrogated value. In that case the demand reset lockout time will not be started. Best Power, Necedah, Wisconsin All rights reserved. Customer Provided Equipment Configuring the Ethernet port.

The time stamp in the header is assigned not to the transactions, but to the formation of the first profile value. No part of this document may be reproduced, stored in More information.

AS220 Single phase Smart Meter. Product manual

Power failure a Integration period is ended b Integration period is not ended Power recovery a A new integration period is started, and terminated synchronously with the device time b Depending on the duration of the interruption, either the integration period ongoing at the time of the power elater will be continued, or a new and perhaps shortened integration period will be begun.

RS Only specified the electrical characteristics, not the protocol. This manual offers important information and suggestions with respect to installation, More information. They are safeguarded by: For up to 4 different day types e. The display test mode is retained from approx. User manual Version 1. Enmetric PowerPort and Wireless Bridge for plug-level data. The tariff table 1 will be overwritten and the internal tariff control of the meter will only be done by this second tariff table. The RH measures and displays Temperature, More information.

The last value in the call list is the end-of-list identifier, which is designated in the display’s value range by the word “End” and which appears after the final load profile value of the day selected. Elsher Contents 1 Introduction 2 1. Data Logger User Manual Doc.