(hardcover) P (paperback) Elminster: The Making of a Mage Basic Information Author(s) Ed Greenwood Publisher TSR, Inc. Cover Artist Jeff Easley . Elminster: Making of a Mage. Add to Goodreads. In ancient days, sorcerers sought to learn the One True Spell that would give them power over all the world and. A young shepherd boy, Elminster, vows revenge on the dragon-riding mage-lord who murders his family and destroys his village, and pursues careers as a.

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I think he feels ready to learn more about magic, but the how and why has left me. Beware, JFi – I may yet dupe you into reading Trekkie slash-fic. It felt like someone ponderously reading a book to me instead of someone performing a story.

The Making of a Mage (Forgotten Realms : Elminster, book 1) by Ed Greenwood

It failed all my expectations. They steal some stuff and go to the bar.

And the attempts at humor are cartoonish. It is the first real insight into why Elminster is “Elminster”. To view it, click here.

Realms is that Elminster’s early days are so forgotten that most of his friends dont even know much about them. Ed Greenwood has done it again. February Learn how and when to remove this template message.



Can’t wait to read all ghe other books in this series. But what we get in Elminster is something quite different: It’s funny to me, I love the realms and have read a ton of the aa mostly 3rd edition erabut the two biggest FR characters there are, who get all the publicity Drizzt and Elminster don’t really do anything for me.

Eh if you intend to read all of the elminster books it’s worth slogging through it but if you are just looking to read one or two to learn about who he is it’s not a great read. May 10, Michael rated it really liked it. Yeah, it’s novel manshoon I have objections about. To make matters worse, Elminster has needs – feeding powerful magic items to the Simbul, his lover, is the only thing that keeps her sane – mxge their increasingly risky collection leads his enemies right to him.

Elminster : the making of a mage / Ed Greenwood – Details – Trove

Anthony Ryan Narrated by: End Story 4, sorta Nothing really important happens. He is powerful but mortal, and with all the enemies a man who makes a habit of saving the world tends to accumulate. Dec 27, Jesse rated it liked it Shelves: Learn how and when to remove these template messages.


And then we read books.

Despite buying that game roughly 20 yers ago, I remember that moment as if it happened What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. So inconveniences like menses, cramps were ignored, and since the writer is male I guess he’s not really an authority on the matter.

The Making of a Mage

Give as a gift. People who liked TSR’s stuff are dead or stopped playing. And if your character is going to build an innkeeper a new cesspit for payment There are no characters so far. This was Ed Greenwood’s brainchild, and the world he created was truly full of adventure. My sister bought me the Forgotten Realms boxed for my 15th birthday when I visited mwking in college in Boston.

I hope that the next book in the series is significantly better than this He’s headed to the top floor, on a mission to meet the goddess. It could be a lot better and the author admits as much: