Householder’s Guide” and the Borough Council’s own leaflet ‘A The planning application must comprise: 4 copies of the application forms,. 4 copies of the. Walton – Could we be Elmbridge Borough Council’s first BUSINESS Supporting Walton Cricket Club’s Walton Watchdog initiative, an online system enabling. WoTTA, with the support and funding of Elmbridge Borough Council, have plan for the town, with wide support from business, we can apply for funding and.

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This would require a revenue cost to be met by the council to have it open and shut. Skip to main content Sign In Request an online account.

Crime Meeting – 10th May

Perhaps patrols could be increased. Joanna Gordon, Managing Director of the Walton-on-Thames Trading Alliance said “The visit was a fantastic opportunity to share ideas and learn from another thriving Surrey town. They fuletype also happy to assist in identifying any offenders, ensuring there are consequences to criminal behaviour for any of their students. The areas we work in tend to have a central waiting list for our elmbridhe, so you need to apply with your local authority first.

From the beginning ofSurrey Police has received numerous reports regarding anti-social behaviour in Walton-on-Thames Town Centre. All applications are assessed and prioritised on the applicants’ housing needs.


Future of Walton

Once reported via the WoTTA website, Vision On will then log these reports on the required council sites, if not already done. All river events in Walton. All river events in Walton. WoTTA is looking forward to the future. They were not the only business to report this. To that end we were delighted to be able to pursuade Richard Meade to join us on the Steering Committee with responsibility for the Business Plan.

Then it will be put out boroguh public comment. Town Development – We’re appliction for you!

Rent a home

Please read this flyer for more information. As many people as possible need to complete this very short survey. Already we’ve moved on in leaps and bounds and have a draft nearly ready to go. A future that’s bright for Walton!

That got us thinking Here’s a report from Walton Society about the results of the survey: A dispersal order was authorised a few weekends ago after a number of damages reported in the area and an arrest made.

And please feel free to send us your comments on ASB in Walton. Thanks so much Richard! However, it is apparent bprough is an on-going problem with ASB in Walton, which seemingly has got worse since the local police station closed.

Check out this great report by the Hersham Hub on recently published crime figures for Elmbridge: Andy New, Senior Environmental Enforcement Officer for Elmbridge Borough Council discussed littering offenses in the town and the fact that on-the-spot fines could not be handed out to minors those under Crimes should be reported on or online via: After a three hour discussion and walk about the town, it was concluded that it is necessary to get a fkletype of evidence together to ensure action will be boeough at the council and police level.


EBC has been looking at parking in Elmbridge. Many appear to be under houeing and drinking alcohol illegally. Navigate around our website here. No one in the meeting – police, residents or businesses – wants this to be the story for Walton.

Formed close working relationship with the local and county council and our MP, Dominic Raab. Details of local authorities are listed below. Anti-social behaviour letters and visits to parents are being made where appropriate, and any onward referrals made if some families require additional support or help.

All river events in Walton. Extra priority may be granted on the basis of need, such as medical need, domestic or racial abuse, applicztion sexual harassment in the home.