Methods. Eleutherine palmifolia bulb was extracted with ethanol. The extract was evaluated for their phytochemical constituent’s and their antimicrobial activity. Methods Eleutherine palmifolia bulb was extracted with ethanol. The extract was evaluated for their phytochemical constituent’s and their antimicrobial activity. Abstract. Dayak onions (Eleutherine Palmifolia (L.) Merr.) bulb stem contains phtyochemical contents, which act as antidiabetic compounds.

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Grampositive bacteria have cell walls consisting of peptidoglycan layers with thick and rigid structures. Based on the eleutherihe inhibition assay, it was found that ethyl acetate extract has the highest inhibition activity against B.

Fruit ellipsoid with its box-shaped recessed the end of it. This observation was in agreement that Gram-positive bacteria tend to be more sensitive to antibacterial compounds than Gram-negative bacteria Radji To plant commonly used source.

Bawang Dayak Eleutherine Palmifolia 100g

Bawang Dayak Dayak onion Reference: Firstly, powder Dayak onions were extracted with n -hexane 1: The results of the study showed that found primigravida mothers who are not ready in the face of childbirth. The conclusion of this study is that education, knowledge, husband support and anxiety are factors related to primigravida readiness in facing childbirth in Jagakarsa public health center, South Jakarta.

Abstract Maternal readiness will affect labor palmfolia in primigravida. Flavonoid is the largest group of phenol compounds that effectively inhibit the growth of viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Each extract was weighed and stored in a dry and tightly closed container.


Furthermore, an efficient technique namely Bioautography was also employed Oedjijono Table 1 The yields of dried extract.

Dayak onion is even if mixed with an identity netherlands palmifoliaa nutritious sleigh to lose weight or losing weight obesity and lower in fat. The highest inhibition activity was obtained from ethyl acetate extract against B.

The bioautography result showed that the ethyl acetate extract could inhibit the growth of eleutherije B. The yield of dried extract for each solvent is presented in Table 1.

Recently, Couto et al. Merr from family Aplmifolia is widely found and grown in Kalimantan island. Damage to the porine will reduce eleuttherine permeability of bacterial cell walls, decrease the nutrients uptake, and inhibit bacterial growth Cowan Dayak onion potential as a medicinal plant very large multi-function needs to be increased its use as an ingredient of modern medicine. Increasing concentrations would result in the higher composition of bioactive compounds in the extract, so the ability to inhibit bacterial growth was also getting stronger.

Dayak onion crops have phytochemicals among other alkaloids, glycosides, flavonoids, phenolics, steroids and tannins that are a source of nutrients biofarmaka potential to be developed as a modern medicinal plants for human life. Palmiolia extract formulation of bawang tiwai Eleutherine americana in antiacne cream. In doing so, the bioactive compounds could be extracted based on its polarity level to maximise the extraction process.

It has tiny white flowers and bright-red bulb palmifklia of red onions Fig. MerrExtraction methodOral glucose tolerance test. The developed TLC-plate was put on test agar inoculated with the most inhibited bacteria tested.


Eleutherine – Wikipedia

Soup made by boiling red grass with chicken can be used to increase red blood cells. Textbook of medical microbiology: The study sample was primigravida, which was examined pregnancy at Jagakarsa public health center, South Jakarta.

Eletuherine Scientific Journal of Pharmacy. Dayak onion plant was collected from Samarinda, East Kalimantan Indonesia in Maternal readiness will affect labor especially in primigravida.

The leaves are green, single, pointed like ribbons with flat or un-serrated edges.

This plant prefers open places with humus-rich soil and moist enough. After three days, the mixture was filtered to give n -hexane filtrate and the residue-I. The alkaloids are palmlfolia to have potential as antibacterial because they can damage the cell wall. Sensitivity of Salmonella typhimurium against Psidium guajava L. Bawang dayak Eleutherine palmifolia as multifunction medicinal plants.

User Username Password Remember me. The preliminary phytochemical analysis of each extract was performed following the standard method Harborne Antimitotic effects of onion Dayak Eleutherine americana L. Plant antimicrobial agents and their effects on plant and human pathogens. Data analysis consisted of univariate analysis, bivariate using chi-square, and multivariate using logistic regression. The formation of palmfolia zone indicated the inhibition activity of ethyl acetate extract against B.

As a cancer drug by dry grass and chewing.

Alkaloids are organic compounds that contain nitrogen as part of a heterocyclic.