Michał Heller, strona domowa. Opiekun Specjalizacji Filozofii Przyrody; Kierownik Katedry Filozofii Przyrody; Dyrektor Ośrodka Badań Interdyscyplinarnych. Ważniejsze niż Wszechświat – Michał Heller – ebook · Elementy filozofii przyrody – Michał Heller – ebook · Wszechświat jest tylko drogą. Kosmiczne rekolekcje. Michal Heller. 01 Jan Paperback. US$ Michal Heller. 01 Jan Hardback. US$ Elementy filozofii przyrody · Michal Heller. 01 Jan

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A new book by the Templeton Prize laureate Michael Heller in which the problems of chance and probability are seen in light of the advancements of physics and biology.

The Author’s claim is that chance finds its place within the structure of the universe and cosmic evolution.

Elementy filozofii przyrody

Heller’s insightful remarks may be considered a critique of both Dawkins’ ‘blind watchmaker’ approach and Dembski’s ‘intelligent design’ perspective. They are worlds apart, yet they have even more in common. They stand divided by their views on the theory of evolution. Looking at the evolution of the concepts connected with probability and chance, at the very outset we can see why we tend to associate the concept of chance at this stage understood only intuitively with the collapse of rationality.

This association has made the process of domesticating random events considerably more difficult. After all, how one can understand something that is not rational?

The pace of events has since accelerated. Moreover, the practical applications of probability calculus testify to its maturity. For instance, mortality statistics have allowed the problem of epidemics in large cities to be overcome since it was mostly there that reasonably accurate registers of the dead were maintainedand the application of statistical methods to the system of annuities began to bring profits to bankers.

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Thus ended the first stage of domesticating chance and thus ends the first part of this book. Thanks to Andrey Kolmogorov, who noticed the relationship between probability and the mathematical measure theory, and his formalisation of probability calculus, the concept of probability was at last liberated from intuitive associations and became an effective tool for conducting formal analyses.

Progress in mathematics usually leads to generalisations. The process, once initiated, continued apace. The concept of chance is evidently connected with the notion of probability.

Tadeusz Pabjan

What kind of rpzyrody are we talking about? In day-to-day situations, we are in no doubt that we helller standard probability, more or less as defined by Kolmogorov. After all, there are many probabilistic measures. Both the understanding of chance and its part in the structure of the Whole depend on our answer to this question. We thus return to the clash between Dawkins and Dembski, which will help us outline our own solution.

God or pure chance?

The existence of chance events in the structure of the Universe is an irrefutable fact. They przjrody not exceptional. They are interwoven into the cosmic fabric.

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But their distribution in this structure is not accidental. Without initial conditions, the laws of nature would not be able to operate, moreover, without external fluctuations, non-linear dynamic processes would be in no position to generate authentic new developments. Biological evolution constitutes one of the strands of cosmic evolution. This extraordinary symphony of cosmos can be approached from different points of view. Like Dawkins, we may attempt explain everything by referring to pure chance.


Like Dembski, we may try to discern the interventions of the Intelligent Designer in the exceptionally intricate details of the cosmic structure. Nevertheless, both of these attempts are unsuccessful and require fairly extensive intellectual acrobatics to maintain.

Chance occurrences explain nothing, because they themselves demand an explanation. They are so subtly intertwined with the cosmic structure that without it they lose their import and cannot exist. And the reference to special places in the structure of the Whole as traces made by the Designer is, for this Designer, an insult exactly for the same reason for which the explanatory power of pure chance must be rejected.

In the Cosmic Matrix there are no special places regardless of whether we call them effects of chance or results of an extraordinary intervention ; everything is part of the one Great Matrix. Those przhrody remain notwithstanding, are my sole responsibility. Every book consists of matter and form. Matter is the content, whilst the form is comprised of the words and sentences that are used to convey it.

Elementy filozofii przyrody by Michał Heller

How is one, then, supposed to create something new while remaining faithful to the original? A cosmic fugue with a prelude and a coda – ebook. Copernicus Center Press Kategoria: Pobierz fragment dostosowany na: Opinie o ebooku Philosophy of Chance. Fragment ebooka Philosophy of Chance. Copernicus Center Press Helelr.