E L E C T R I B E ANALOG M D E L I N G S Y N T H E S I Z E R EA-1 Owner’s Manual Thank you purchasing the Korg ELECTRIBE-A EA In order to enjoy. This page contains information about the Owner’s Manual for the EA-1 from Korg. The Korg Electribe A (EA-1) is an analogue modeling synthesizer in the Korg Electribe series “Korg Electribe EA1 Owner’s Manual” (PDF). Korg Inc. Korg Inc .

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Each time you press it, the power will alternate on or off. Then contact your nearest Korg dealer or the store where the equipment was purchased. Selecting A Pattern Selecting a pattern You can use the Part Select key to switch the part that will be edited or played using the Keyboard function. Song mode Recording knob movements or your performance in a song Event Recording In addition to placing patterns in a desired playback order, Song mode also lets you record your realtime performance on the step keys using the Keyboard function, and knob movements you perform.

By holding down the Shift key as you rotate the dial, you can change the pattern number in steps of ten. Saving A Pattern write Saving a pattern Write If you wish to keep the pattern data that you create, you must perform this Write operation. It is not possible to directly connect a mic or turntable etc.

Creating a phrase pattern There are three ways to create a phrase pattern. Phrases you create can be stored as a pattern that includes a chosen knob movement, and up to 1 to 4-bar patterns can be stored in internal memory. When you do this, the patterns you created and the songs which use these patterns will be erased, and replaced by the preloaded data.


Korg Elec Tribe EA-1 Owner’s Manual

When you hold down the Transpose key and mqnual the step keys to specify the transposition, step key 4 will correspond to the C pitch.

Use the step keys as a keyboard. No and this is not the purpose of this machine. Press the Part key to select the copy destination part the LED will light.

Rotate the dial to select the combination of message types that will be transmitted and received; “O” allows transmis- sion and reception, and “-” disables it. If you change the current position on the master device i. If you raise the reso- nance and turn the Cutoff knob or adjust EG Int and De- manuayou will hear the typical “meow-ing” sound typical of analog synthesizers.

Use the step keys to input the pitch for each note of the phrase. When held down, it gives an additional function to another key.

Press the Mode key to enter Song mode or Pattern mode. A Part consists of a synthesizer sound, a phrase pattern trigger, pitch, gate timeand motion se- quence. If motion sequence data wa-1 been recorded in the selected part, step keys 1, elctribe, 3, 4 will light.

By holding down the Keyboard function key and pressing a Select key, you can switch to a different group of registered pat- tern sets.

If you wish to keep the edited song, you must mahual the Write operation to save the song data. The input jack is monaural, so you may need to use a stereo-mono adapter plug, depending on the de- vice you are connecting.

However when transmitting from a data filer, it is not normally necessary to match the MIDI channel. Use the Clear Event operation to erase unwanted events from the song.


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The EA-1 is the ideal tool for the musician, DJ, sound creator, or desktop-music user who is looking for originality in their music. Operate this unit at a suitable distance from radios and televisions. Copying A Part copy Part Copying a part Copy Part You can copy the sound settings and phrase pattern data in- cluding manuak sequence from a selected part to another part.

On the EA-1, the vv: This article has multiple issues.

Like most instruments Korg analog formulation of the late beginners, the sound is trs midoyant, not really fat, not always clear. And with unlimited real-time control of every sound parameter, you know your sound will be just that — yours. A-1 or A Data Blank Chart When you have created a sound that you like, you can store the knob and key locations in this page. Never turn off the mwnual during the Write operation.

Press step key 14 once again, and the pattern will be deleted.

Korg EA-1 – Wikipedia

Use the cursor [A][T] keys to make the parameter select LEDs indicate Tempo, and the tempo you modified will appear in the display. Use the step keys to input the pitch for each note of the phrase.

Rotate the dial to select the desired pattern A Use the knobs and keys of the Synthesizer section to modify the sound.