ORIGEN DEL SOCIALISMO DEL SIGLO XXI. Heinz Dieterich Steffan. es un sociólogo y analista político alemán, residente en México. HEINZ DIETERICH STEFFAN SOCIALISMO DEL SIGLO XXI BASES DEL MODELO El desarrollismo democrático regional. La economía de. 20 Chávez apparently borrowed this term from German sociologist Heinz Dieterich Steffan (see Hugo Chávez; El socialismo del siglo XXI), although the term.

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Large political and structural changes in the country were produced, through the adoption of new laws such as the International Monetary and Financial Code, which have given greater prominence and control of the State in the economy.

With an dieterch of Below are the experiences of Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador and Bolivia under socialist regimes in the past twenty years.

Bolivia is currently a plurinational state in conflict by the tension between the two conceptions of development: At the end ofthe most important opposition leaders were facing trial, many of them politically motivated; several hundred those involved were more than Bolivians live in Brazil and other countries under the figures of political refugees or asylum seekers, an entirely new setting for the Bolivian democracy; the independent media are harassed by the State; judicial decisions in favor of opposition leaders are blocked by the Executive; indigenous leaders who are opposed to the ideas of government are refugees in their remote communities for fear of being caught; and opposition leaders are arrested, without trial, in public prisons, for much longer than that allowed by the law.

The main features of the Kirchnerista ideology can be summarized in the following points: The increase in the number of governments that are assigned to the socialism of the XXI century was a result of the crisis and disappearance of neoliberal governments that dominated Latin America since the mids until the end of the decade of Oppenheimer, Disrespect to the private property: Combining a radical rhetoric with moderate decisions, the Movement toward Socialism decreed the nationalization of the hydrocarbons, but did not establish a total break with foreign companies Mayorga, The search of the supreme Social happiness from the construction of an inclusive society; The construction of a revolutionary and leading democracy, understood as the one that transforms the weakness of the individual in collective force.

Heinz Dieterich Steffan, Tres criterios para definir una economía socialista – PhilArchive

Las complejidades de la izquierda radical latinoamericana en el poder: In Venezuela, unfortunately, people saw the first step of a plan to override the freedoms of thought and expression with the cancellation of steffa license to the TV channel Radio Caracas Television RCTV that during 53 years was on air because they declared opposition to the Chavista regime.


Although article provided for a term of one year to the adequacy of the multimedia that exceeds the limits imposed by the new regulation, a wave of legal resources has allowed the Group not to divest until the time comes Aruguete, Similarly, Sockalismo says that the division of powers is the basis of the State of bourgeois right and the only contribution of it to advance in the political coexistence.

Nueva Sociedad, Concentration of K power. When the main mass media is at the service of the dominant political project and is related to a single guideline, plurality disappears as well as the possibilities of exercising critique, these are key components of all order based on respect for public and individual freedoms, the balance between society and the State and the cooperation between the Powers Ball, However, in the last four years, in some countries where the socialism of the XXI Century has been implemented, the civilian population has been demonstrating against this type of regime.

Its sociialismo was accelerated by a series of popular uprisings that drove the rise of left-of-center governments with programs of rejection of the neoliberal socio-economic doctrines and the promise of fundamental changes in favor of the large majorities. Monedero argues in a similar way, that the socialism of the XX century, quite the contrary was deeply statist, it was capitalist in regard to the exploitation and alienation of workers and productivity, colonial, predator of nature, based on a simple idea of progress.

The digitalization is founded on the idea of the universality of service, a basic principle of the human right to information that had never been implemented in this way Sel, In the same vein, the SCA law awards are established under the title of authorizations to public, provincial, municipal and university media.

For Ball, this issue had serious repercussions since it led to the imposition of an ideology which means a single thought and set a serious precedent that acts as a factor of intimidation to the whole private media information of Venezuela and leads to a state of rigid journal control of the social communication, with the consequences that derive from such action Ball,p The Kirchnerism has stated its opposition to the neo-liberal policies, as well as a rejection of the setting.


According to Garcia with the circumstances in the country, the Bolivian society genuinely do not live under the rule of law, with full independence of powers and the ability of the institutions to be placed under the law to all persons, regardless of their jobs, political affiliation or economic power. Disregard of the rights of minorities The Commission on Human Rights of the Organization of American States is investigating cases of political discrimination in Venezuela.

Similarly, all workers of the state petroleum corporation PDVSA that were part of the xzi strikes against Chavez were dismissed. Master en Relaciones Internacionales.

Kirchnerist Governments harassed this daily newspaper in all the unimaginable ways; among the most noteworthy were the supply rationing for newsprint, inspections of finance and the constitution of the Bicameral Commission of the congress whose action ended by expropriating the newspaper, surrendering it to the General Confederation of Labor Repoll, Revista Nueva Sociedad, This ideological conception sought primarily to give responses to the serious problem of underdevelopment in which the region lives due to the social imbalances, dirterich and inequality Hamburger, Today, Evo Morales is subject to the conflicting pressures of sectors and social groups increasingly fragmented and dispersed, and runs the risk of seeking refuge by affirming his leadership, which would create a fragile and undemocratic governance.

February 10, ; Accepted: Services on Demand Article.

Dieterich, Heinz 1943-

El gobierno de Evo Morales: His Government has caused controversy for its relationship with the private media, who Belt considers their opponents.

Similarly, Svampa notes that in Argentina during the mandate of ehinz Kirchner, government was embarked on a process of political polarization, although different from other Latin American countries by the three following reasons. For the twenty-first century socialism the institutions have values. The socialist governments in Latin America have recently suffered the most uproarious defeats, since Chavez in to strengthen the emergence of the twenty-first century socialism.