I last saw Tomás Eloy Martínez in , in Buenos Aires, a few months before his death the following year. He told me he was trying to write a. On a certain level, Purgatory is a metaphorical ghost story—a meditation on loss, invisibility, and vanishing. But this being Tomas Eloy Martínez, the author of. Purgatorio (Spanish Edition). User Review – Not Available – Book Verdict. In his latest novel, Argentinean Eloy Martinez explores the trauma caused by.

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Emilia Dupuy’s husband vanished in the s, while the two were mapping an Argentine country road. All evidence seemed t. All evidence seemed to confirm that he was among the thousands disappeared by the military regime. Yet Emilia never stopped believing that the disappeared man would reappear.

And then he does, in New Jersey. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. puratorio

Tomás Eloy Martínez’s “Purgatory” – Words Without Borders

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Return to Book Page. Praise for Santa Evita: Paperbackpages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Purgatoryplease sign up. Lists with This Book. Feb 16, Blair rated it really liked it Shelves: Is he a ghost, somehow real, or is Emilia, who has never given up on the hope that her husband is still alive, finally succumbing to madness?

It’s an irresistibly strange starting point, and I couldn’t help being drawn in – but the story went in directions I couldn’t have expected. I decided to read this on a whim – largely, I’ll admit, because the premise and opening called to mind one of my favourite novelists, Paul Auster.

I wasn’t too far off the mark puratorio In the second chapter, a new, first-person perspective is introduced. But who is this unnamed narrator who sl Emilia so closely? As the narrative unfolds, though the new ;urgatorio fails to identify himself, it becomes clear that we are listening to the thoughts of A sense of ambiguity is retained – it’s never wholly clear whether Emilia is a real person whom the author has chosen to write about, or simply a figment of his imagination – but his presence in the story adds another level of interest to the plot, inviting the reader to constantly question what they are being told.

I very much enjoyed this book as a work of fiction: This is an effective and emotive way to tell the story of Argentina’s ‘disappeared’, and it opened my mind to a period of history I previously knew little about.

Sparivano ambasciatori, amanti di capitani e ammiragli, proprietari di imprese che facevano gola ai generali. Sparivano bambini dal ventre delle madri e sparivano madri dalla memoria dei figli. Alcuni ammalati che arrivavano in ospedale a mezza “A purgatorrio tempi le persone sparivano a migliaia, senza ragione apparente.


Capitava spesso che dai supermercati uscissero donne disperate, in cerca dei figli perduti tra i buchi neri degli scaffali. Alcuni, pochi, sarebbero riapparsi molti anni dopo, ma non erano gli stessi. Che scompaia e venga dimenticata. Non conoscevo bene la storia dei desaparecidos argentini, prima della lettura. Magnifici anche i titoli dei capitoli, ripresi da versi del Purgatorio di dante in linea con il contenuto dei capitoli stessi.

Si insegnava ad accettare i tormenti come un atto di amore nei confronti di Dio, e tutte le forme si penitenza e castigo erano il purgatorio. Una situazione terribile, descritta magnificamente in un libro inquietante. Scomparso da trent’anni dopo pochi, felici mesi leoy matrimonio, il tempo sembra non averlo scalfito.

May 17, Adriana Villegas rated it liked it. Las novelas se escriben para eso: Apr 02, Michelle Lancaster rated it liked it Shelves: Personally, I have a soft spot for Latino cultures, our neighbors to the south, and Mexico is breaking my heart. I would rather vacation in Peru than in Germany so please don’t think I’m prejudiced.

Still and ;urgatorio, everyone in this book is insane: Emilia Dupuy’s husband Simon Cardoso disappeared in Argentina and has been missing and presumed or known, depending on who you’re talking to dead for 30 years when she spies him in a restaurant in New Jersey. He has not aged or changed in 30 years, exactly the same. They go back to her place and spend the weekend together. Or maybe they spend the rest of their lives together.

Or maybe they don’t go back to her place. Maybe Simon is a ghost, or maybe he doesn’t exist in any form on any plane. During the seventies and eighties Argentina suffered from a military dictatorship that had lots in common with the Third Reich and Franco’s Spain.

Thousands of people were “disappeared. In the book the dictator general is referred to as “the Eel” and the appellation is pitch perfect.

Simon mouths off one night during dinner and this appears to be the catalyst for everything that comes after. Emilia and Simon are cartographers and are sent to a remote region to map and are captured by the army, suspected of being subversives.

They are separated and interrogated. What happens after that is murky to say the least. There are witnesses who say they witnessed Simon’s death or saw his body. Emilia gets anonymous messages claiming he is alive and living in Caracas or Mexico.

She spends the rest of her life, as far as we pudgatorio tell for not much is actually knownsearching for him. I have had a difficult time deciding what the rating for this tkmas should be.

I very much enjoyed the parts in Argentina and the intermittently comedic treatment of the totalitarian regime. I found Emilia’s search tedious at times. Mostly this book made me feel impatient. You don’t know whether you’re coming or going, which way is up?

I realize that this is probably what the author intended but geez. It reminded me of the “the big lie” philosophy of the Nazis. Purgagorio are you going to believe?


Me or your lying eyes? The author of Purgatory was born in Argentina and was forced to live in exile during the military dictatorship. Senor Martinez was professor of Latin American studies at Rutgers University until his death in A quote from page about what is lost with death: Jan 17, Gerald rated it liked it.

Purgatory is very rich in detail, description, character nuance and sufficient fantasy. And it’s about love and loss, lost and found, and what was never there to begin with.

Nov 04, Tricia Kristufek rated it liked it Shelves: When I woke up, it occurred to me that the most unbearable loneliness is not being able to be alone. When she finds him, he is exactly the same as the day he vanished, yet she is changed – older, more worn – and she questions if he would still love her, and if she’s in her right mind.

Do not be fooled – this isn’t your paranormal ghost story. The gh When I woke up, it occurred to me that the most unbearable loneliness is not being able to be alone. The ghost portrayed here is one on of the thousands of “subversives” that the government swept under the rug – torturing, killing, and executing them. Da quel momento la sua esistenza sembra cristallizzarsi, entrare in un tempo sospeso, si trasforma in un purgatorio, appunto.

Un libro intenso anche se non del tutto riuscito, principalmente per l’utilizzo insistito di un registro metaletterario che, alla fine, risulta inutilmente spiazzante. Feb 16, Jo rated it did not like it Shelves: It’s not the “ghost” story I thought it might be. Set in Argentina during the “dirty war” of the 70’s I thought I might learn a lot about those times and I did but it was drier than reading a history textbook.

I finished the book but I won’t say it was enjoyable and in the end I’m not really sure who was real.

Lost in a Map: Purgatorio, from Tomás Eloy Martinez

Aug 07, Rebecca rated it liked it. Started well then hard to get through. Quando ho visto come rispondevano, mi sono venuti i brividi: E non si trattava di gente poco raccomandabile, anche elog vecchiette erano di questa opinione!

In quel momento ho pensato immediatamente a questo libro, che stavo leggendo proprio in quei giorni. I romanzi si scrivono per questo: Deben leer, muy recomendable. Jun 05, Bernadette rated it it was ok. Loved the premise, hard time following the author’s train of thought. Bounced around too much for me. Sep 24, Alyssa Persons rated it really liked it.