This series is also known as:* The Mercenary (English)* Le Mercenaire (French)* De Huurling (Dutch)* O Mercenário (Portuguese)les. Vicente Segrelles Sacristán is an illustrator from Barcelona, who is best-known for his painted comic epos ‘El Mercenario’ (‘The Mercenary’). Growing up in an. El Mercenario. Bienvenida · Introducción · La Historia · Personajes · Ambientes: el cráter La primera “muerte” del Mercenario.

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Here are valleys of dragon-riders in cities above the clouds, and her As suspected, this is wonderful to look at, and less so to read. The story is good, once you get past all the women running around with barely anything on, while they are being rescued, or fighting, or just running.

These fainting passive perfectly sculpted girls seem xegrelles of sad to me. And I enjoyed the biographical and making-of information in the back of this segelles. The work was a good read, and the painted pages add to the richness of this strange world.

El Mercenario Series

The stories are kind of the same and the book feels a little too damsel in distress-y. Magic is due to advanced technology and aliens, while giants and monsters are natural fauna or the results of radiation.

She is in a cage, and like many of the women segrellles this work, she is naked. El Mercenario Cover of El Mercenario 1 Still, there is something to be said for oil-painting yes, you can imitate its effects with digital painting, but it is so rarely done. It harks back to the naive fantasy of the s and s, where the hero cannot do anything but stumble upon, and break the hearts of, lovely naked women all the time.


Received a review copy from nbm and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. If Frank Frazetta created a comic, it would probably look like this.

Open Preview See a Problem? In addition to his epic series, Segrelles has made the comical series ‘El Sheriff Pat’ in the early s.

La historia nunca fue lo importante. Bilder 5 Story 2.

Vicente Segrelles – Wikipedia

The husband sensing betrayal casts the mercenary out of his home in the clouds. Woman in peril,yes, again and again.

Views Read Edit View history. I have no objection to the nekid ladies. The Mercenary tells the story of a mysterious and anonymous mercenary from a hidden valley called The Country of the Clouds.

And this comic series of his is a classic because not only that it was first published onbut because of its outstanding content that makes it what it is. Compared to that, it hardly seems worth noting that the “dragons” are clearly derived from pterosaurs, which were not, in fact, dinosaurs; but they also didn’t have the heads of tuataras, so whatever. As an avid graphic novel reader, I was glad to stumble upon this text.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

The hero is a Conan type, and just goes from fight to fight, but is skilled at what he does. Daniel Antunes rated it it was amazing Feb 09, Comics publications comics debuts comics endings Spanish comics titles Comics characters introduced in Fantasy comics Spanish comics characters.


In ‘El Mercenario’, Segrelles has combined all his favorite themes – the Prehistoric, Middle Ages, technology, and aircrafts. Cover of El Mercenario 1 Segrelles’ almost five decades of experience as an illustrator makes him a living legend.

Just so he can say he promotes some approach to equality. Mizukara rated it really liked it Apr 16, Dolordebarriga rated it it was amazing Oct 08, The mercenary is on a job to save a woman being held hostage. This work was an instant success, but because of his very time-consuming technique every panel is oil-paintedthe series appears irregularly.

A regular feature of The Mercenary adventures are beautiful women, almost always nude or semi-nude. The story wasn’t so hot but Vincente is more of an artist than a writer and admits he fashioned a story that would allow him to draw the things he liked best, like ladies and dragons and heroic gentlemen.

The art has that classic Conan painted cover feel to it. The only blatant magic is in a set of apocryphal stories told by the Mercenary to impress a young boy.