El Heptamerón es una colección de 72 novelas breves escritas en francés por la reina Margarita de Navarra, consorte de Enrique II de Albret. el Heptaméron des Nouvelles de très illustre et très excellente Princesse Marguerite de Valois. : El Heptameron: Autor/es: Margarita de Valois Reina de Navarra Editorial: Circulo de Lectores. Fecha Edicion: edicion paginas. Title: El Heptameron. Publisher: Circulo de Lectores. Publication Date: Binding: Tapa dura. Book Condition: Muy bien. Dust Jacket Condition: Muy bien.

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Dunque, Margot, ti prego, fatti un po’ di coraggio! Jul 16, Michael Finocchiaro rated it liked it Shelves: In my head that was the fe. Kotzbombenelement – the word Cocconas is using for like everything he’s amazed by The second half of the book lost its charm a bit in my opinion.

Even if I loved it.

View all 35 comments. As for the ending, I can’t really blame the author, since – let’s be real se no story about the royalty of France has a happy ending. Or perhaps I should say “Oh no she didn’t! Luckily, there happens to be a French movie based on the book, and although it takes serious liberties with Dumas’s plot, it’s rated R, and for a very good reason.

Nov 27, Aila Sako rated it it was amazing. Marguerite, de Valois, Reine de Navarre. Biographical Data – Dumas is a master story-teller.


Quotes from La reine Margot: But again, the number of fucks I give is holding steady at zero. I suspect it’s Dumas rather than the translator: And if you like The Three Musketeers and other similar type stories, then you’ll probably especially like this book.


I would certainly recommend this book to everyone who likes great stories! Margarita, de Vaoois, She spends most of the book figuring out new ways to poison, arrest and assassinate anyone she doesn’t like, or who pisses her off just by margaruta or even just anyone she can use for a momentary whim. Place of Death Odos Place of death. Plus I loved that the male characters were pawns in their schemes. The majority of the Frenchmen in the book suck, too. Despite a very difficult start trying to grasp the political complexities and characters, by the halfway mark I was rocking along and had a hard time keeping my nose out of it.

ISNI De Navarre, Marguerite (). [m])

This is especially good on the claustrophobia of the Louvre where conversations are always elliptical and opaque, where secret lovers breath messages to each other in Latin, and where truth and integrity are always at a premium.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. If you’re one of those people who lick their finger before turning over the page, I strongly recommend that you don’t read this book.

I’d recommend it to people who have already read something by Dumas, but I’d say that it’s not the right book to start reading Dumas.

Catalog Record: El Heptamerón o cuentos de la reina de Navarra | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Bartholomew’s Massacre, the gross symptoms of Catherine’s poisons, hsptameron lengthy torture sessions, but he refuses to tell us anything about what goes on in the secret house where Margot and her friend meet their boyfriends. Select the language you want the site navigation and record labels to be displayed in. Not so secret lovers. I’ve got mixed feelings. Navarre, Marguerite de, On Monday the 18th of Augustthere was a grand fate at the Louvre.


Margot’s dashing lover La Mole and his compatriot Coconnas are our two heroes and their fates weave in and out of the lives of the French Court. It wasn’t bad, not at all, but it was a bit dispersive and chaotic, in terms of plot and characters. Refresh and try again.

Marguerite de Valois, reine de Navarre. SO much better than I expected it to be. Essendo un’amante della storia, in particolar modo della storia moderna, conoscevo ogni minimo dettaglio della salita al potere di Enrico, marito di Margherita. She kills one person with poisoned gloves, then fills somebody’s lamp with poisoned oil so the vapors smother them, and then she poison SO much better than I expected it to be.