With the upcoming re-release of Eisenbach Gap from Lock ‘n Load for me to initially wrap my mind around the rules, terms, and concepts. World at War Box01 Storm the Gap World at War Box02 Blood and . update for a while so that I can get into the game with streamlined rules. Since Storming the Gap includes “older editions of Eisenbach Gap”. Got some Eisenbach Gap Deluxe begging to be played! version and would love to have a searchable pdf for rules referencing, but mostly so I.

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Tags separate by space: Thanks for your answer It was suppose to be a jokeright? Thanks to waste your time writing this It is perfectly legitimate to want the rules before you buy the game.

World at War – Eisenbach Gap Deluxe – – World At War | buy online | Milsims Games

I read GMT rules all eiseenbach the time. I think that my original post has words in it that are ru,es visible on my computer. If you find a place where you can get the rules that is not the game box, I will apologize on national television and announce that I am dropping out of the race.

Someone might be willing to teach you how to play the game so you could see it before you buy it.

World at War: Eisenbach Gap Deluxe Board Game

I will return the favor. If you want to tell someone it is stupid that the rules aren’t available try this guy: I don’t think i would allow my rules to gwp posted online.


Geesh; it’s half the game! Besides, with cyberboard, vassal, ZunTzu online gaming platforms, you could lose a revenue stream.

I provided an alternative to getting the rules for the OP. I hope his, and several other people’s, seeming dislike for my style of gules won’t stop them from taking advantage of VASSAL to learn how to play. And maybe the people like yourself, will forgive my immaturity, and shoot Mark Walker a letter and ask if we can have rules in PDF format.

How are the rules, by the way? Are they fairly coherent? Add tags Tags separate by space: