Owing to the constant requests for automatic fish feeder operation instruction, we have decided to how a couple if videos so that it is easier for you to set. Getting to know your feeder. 0 0 6. O Battery Cover. O LCD Display. O Manual Release Button. O Programming Buttons. O Feed Drum Cover. O Feed Drum. Eheim Everyday Fish Feeder at PetSmart. Shop all fish feeders online. Manual release button to give a “snack” outside of programmed feeding times; Works.

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Eheim Turtle Feeder.

onstructions Do you use the Eheim Everyday Ffeeder Feeder in your aquarium? And pressing it causes the container to spin once — allowing you to feed your fish outside the programmed food dispensing times.

I got it and it apeared to be a quality unit, but the instructions ere confusing so I set it aside and looked for something else. This will also prevent over-feeding. You can enjoy the best weeks of the year undisturbed.

Would I still be able to use this fish feeder or another one without going through major difficulties with installing the feeder? Eheim Turtle Feeder Automatic Feeding Unit is a compact fish feeder with an actively aerated feerer chamber. You see, the fan only operates when the food container is turning, as it drops food into your aquarium.

I returned and found my fish were happy, my tank was clear and the fish assembled below the feeder daily at the appointed time. I then tested until I obtained the right opening size for the mixture that I had. Also included in the box is a clamp that you can attach directly to the base of the Everyday Fish Feeder…. Learn how your comment data is processed. I was thrilled at how well it had worked and now even though I am home, I leave my fish feeding to the ‘Everyday Fish Feeder.


It takes some testing to determine how wide you need to make the opening of the dispenser.

Reviewed: Eheim Everyday Fish Feeder 3581 (It’s Awesome!)

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Including bracket for mounting on an open-top aquarium or terrarium. If you look at the diagram below, you see how the fan draws air in through the rear, causing it to flow through the control unit and over the food…. I’m here to teach you everything there is to know about fishkeeping. Big wafers, the type that you feed your pleco, were a no-go. Suitable for fresh and saltwater aquariums. Fortunately, a minor modification is all that is needed to solve this problem egeim and it takes just seconds….


Disclaimer Content found on fishlab. More refinements More refinements On this tank, we halved the opening, allowing it to dispense the perfect amount of betta food for the fish. It means that it can be positioned wherever without cords getting in the way. There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Oh, and you can bypass the timer altogether if you want.

Contains 2 Automatic feeding units Having nice neighbors is fine. At lasty satisfied that I had done my part I left and left my feedings to this unit.

By adjusting the position of the tape, you can make the smallest opening even smaller. The only problem I had was calcium build up due to condensation.

When the pre-programmed feeding time rolls around, the drum rotates, and when it does, fish food is dispensed into your aquarium — all without any effort from you! I have to say that this process was nowhere near what I would cal easy to use or intuitive, but I did manage to set both the time and the feeding time and the number of rotations per feeding.


Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth. Ceramic shaft, suitable for fresh or salt water. Best Selling in Feeders See all. Make sure you set it up to feed for a few days or more–when you are still at home to observe and adjust–before you rely on it to feed while you are gone. Most relevant reviews See all 96 reviews. Alternatively, you could practice your DIY skills and cut an opening in the lid of your tank.

I wish it was electric. For more information, please refer to our Comment Policy. Buying Format see all. Best Slow Feed Dog Bowl. This unique feeder uses every last flake in the bin to prevent waste. Even after all this time, nothing else compares.

Eheim Feeder Instructions Pdf

The adjustable slider allows you to set the desired portion. In addition, we know you love to feed your turtles too so you can provide snacks via a simple push of the button. Want to know how the Eheim Everyday Fish Feeded stacks up against the competition? I know that when I am out of town my fish will be fed the right amount three times a day. Setup is easy by using the universal clamp to attach this automatic dispenser to the side of your aquarium.