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Tuning was taught in tech schools up until about 30 years ago. Because this knowledge might not work in parts, it has to be complete knowledge. The only way to test is by actual road tests. At this point, mileage will invariably go down, and often a trouble code is set.

The ECU has an internal cooling mode.

If you used a manual, or wiring diagram, you probably have already located the wire at the computer’s wiring harness. The EFIE works on a delay. Either way, they are current devices, not voltage devices. Another thing you’ll want to address is a way to easily make connections to the white and green wires for making adjustments to the EFIE. Let’s break the tuning process down into bite-sized steps. Bench test your unit to know which way it d71 work. This is so that the voltage offset can be tuned to a fine degree of control.

You will need to provide access to these test points yourself so you can set your EFIE and do these other tests. PWM – Constant Current. Note, some computers will accept an EFIE setting of over millivolts.

HHO Generator Plans & Schematics

Note that this will read exactly the same as the previous test if the EFIE is turned off. You can get them here: Additional data by Ozzie Freedom: Efid of the world uses similar resistance values to equate a given temperature.


What happens is, sometimes the light comes on because the ECU detects “unusual activity” in terms of performance.

And they come with full money back guarantees. When the sensor reads below. The oxygen content rises as the fuel is burned more efficiently for a number of reasons. Run a jumper wire from the left pin to the center of your 1K pot. When you make a change, you’ll see your meter start changing, and keep changing after you’ve stopped turning the adjustment screw. However, if the input voltage is 12 volts for instancethe output voltage to your EFIE is going to be 10 volts due to the minimum 2 volt drop in voltage by the regulator.

Otherwise just use a 4. At the top end you have to wait for many minutes to see if it is at it’s maximum voltage, or, if you rush it, you may turn the screw too many times and damage the potentiometer.

There are literally thousands of models of car, and each has its own design. Though it looks like Patrick Kelly has been keeping it current. High signal voltage, high fuel requirements. Their design is not patented and is open source, meaning anyone can build devices based on that plan without patent or copyright infringement.

This learning process may take, approximately, from 10 to 50 miles of driving. J1 will provide moderate heating, J2 will provide about double the amount of J1, and setting both jumpers will provide the maximum amount of heat.

Note that when power is shut off to the EFIE, or the EFIE’s switch is turned off, the original connection between the oxygen sensor and the computer is re-established. For Dual units, on the 2nd EFIE, the blue wire connects to the red test port and the brown wire connects to the black one. First of all, why would you want to disconnect the car’s battery?


Patrick Kelly’s Chapter 10 Numerous designs of inventions that improve automotive fuel efficiency. The minimum-energy-consumption equivalence ratio was extended to leaner conditions by adding hydrogen, although the minimum energy consumption did not change.

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It has proven to cause more confusion in users, eefie it has been of use, and it’s just not needed in a modern EFIE. The computer expects to see the sensor going above and below. Guys at x17 boost to the O2 sensor the car is driving well with good power. I tried 2 clicks mv and 4 clicks mv and had similar results I know because my economy always etie to If you’re going to be installing modifications to your engine, you should have a Haynes, Clymer or Chilton’s manual for your car or truck, preferably Haynes as these are generally more informative.

The principle is to create a small amount of voltage offset that is electrically isolated from chassis ground. Evie MAP is a type of potentiometer; like a radio volume knob. Ground can be the vehicle body, engine block or ground from another device, including the ground for the oxygen sensor itself.

This is where the user adjusts the EFIE for his particular vehicle and fuel saving device s. It may be written there.

I don’t think you’ll find one rated to C, so you’ll have to settle for C, which will be fine. I am sure the auto designers, as well as many of their engineers, are aware of their design error, but their hands are currently tied.

Just go ahead and re-set the voltage you want. Bob Boyce Plate Design.