Practice ABG Case Studies from 1. Mr. Frank is a 60 year-old with pneumonia. He is admitted with dyspnea, fever, and chills. View Test Prep – 6 steps to ABG analasis from NUR at Mcdowell of “6 Easy ‘ Steps to ABG Analysis” can be ordered by contacting: Ed4Nurses, Inc. _! (). W 2 6 Easy Steps to ABG Analysis — Ed4Nurses, Inc. Normal Values (At sea level]: Range: WWWWW m mmHg MWMMWUW WWW“.

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He is admitted with dyspnea, fever, and chills. The treatment goals ed4nyrses Mr. Physical findings indicating need for ABG Alteration in respiratory rate:. What interventions would be appropriate for Mr.

6 Easy Steps to ABG Analysis – PDF

Acid-Base Balance and the Anion Gap 1. His respiratory status needs to be stabilized, and would probably require mechanical ventilation. This booklet and all its contents are by Ed4Nurses, Inc. His ABG shows the following results: Graphics are used with permission of: Because the ph is not in the normal range the compensation is called partial.


Analyze the po2 and the O2 saturation. Everyone is encouraged to discuss and problem solve here. Objectives Diagnostic approach to acid base disorders Common clinical examples of acidoses and alkaloses Acid-Base Disorders Jai Radhakrishnan 1 2 Diagnostic Considerations Data points required: An 86 year old male with brittle Type I DM is admitted for orthopedic surgery.

SJDC ADN Class of Practice ABG Case Studies from

The CO2 is less than 35, and is therefore alkalotic. Below 35 is alkalotic, above 45 is acidic. Assisting E4nurses Oxygen Needs. This is our area to share information, resources, ask and answer questions.

Adult Home Oxygen Therapy. Uncompensated respiratory acidosis with hypoxemia. Analyze the CO2 The second step is to examine the pco2. Goals Upon completion of this course, one should be able to do the following: Introduction Oxygen and carbon dioxide diffuse between the alveoli More information.

Frank would be to improve both ventilation and oxygenation. For example, a patient in shock will undergo anaerobic metabolism, which produces lactic acid.

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6 Easy Steps to ABG Analysis

If the HCO3 is below 22, the patient is acidotic. If hypotension exists, aggressive fluid and vasopressor support would be warranted.

This process is called compensation. The HCO3 is less than 22, and therefore is acidotic. It is a basic need required for life.

Henderson – Hasselbach Equation. To get that supply of More information. It is alkalotic because the ph is alkalotic, it is metabolic because the HCO3 matches the ph.

Dobins sbg found pulseless and not breathing this morning. Which action related to the fluid management should be delegated.