Ed Friedland Slap Bass The Ultimate Guide. Instruction on how to play funk bass. Includes Snapping, Popping, Left Hand Integration, Dead. Ed Friedland: SLAP BASS, DVD, Bass, and thousands more titles. ejazzlines has the best selection and prices of jazz in the world!. gone – whew, that was quick thanks! The Ed Friedland “Slap Bass” DVD is a great instruction tool for beginning slappers, accomplished.

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I use the same basic concept of target and approach notes to show you how to create your own bass lines in a rock context. This book elap with quarter-note melodic motifs from categories like “Box Shape”, “Major”, “Minor”, and “Chromatic”, and then morphs them into grooves in Straight 8th, Shuffle 8th, Sixteenth, and Swing Sixteenth rhythms.

Ed Freidland gives excellent, easily understood instructions. The first slap bass instructional to be produced in native DVD format.

Building Walking Bass Lines Description: Hal Leonard Electric Bass Method: Email me for info on lessons, live and studio work in the area. There friecland also a section that gives you a chance to practice the essential skill of picking up tunes by ear. Go back to the source!

This is a more global approach to jazz playing. This is the perfect tool for the upright bassist that is new to jazz playing.


Ed Friedland – Guitar Instructor

It may be boring for many at first, but it gets better quickly. After you’ve learned everything in this book, you’ll be ready to hit the local blues jam and do it right.

I discuss blues forms, lines and feels, intros, endings, stops and hits, and include full arrangements of many must-know blues classics like Hideaway, Sweet Home Chicago, Pride and Joy, Tore Down and many more. You are not logged in. This book is a compilation of many of my “in the trenches” instructional articles from the golden days of Bass Player magazine The follow-up to BWBL.

This book is not designed for bass players Recorded all on my Lakie Jerry Scheff model” Check it out here: The exercises are expanded into fun grooves that further work the concepts you’ve learned. Every type of rhythmic and stylistic variation you can imagine, in many different keys.

The first rock bass method that truly prepares you to go out freidland join a band. The included CD has tracks to play along to as well as an ear training workout, a “style-o-rama” vamp and the infamous “random modulation torture test”.

Ed Friedland – Slap Bass: The Ultimate Guide download

Dolby AC3, 2 ch Booklet: In addition to the changes for each tune, I’ve also included improvisational guidelines in the form of a written “solo” for each track.


Listen Check out the sound samples on the Equipment Pageand tracks on the Mp3s page. It starts out VERY simple. I am NOT the guy on the cover! Check out this rare and candid video of Dickie jamming at home with some Aebersold CDs.

Ed Friedland – Slap Bass: The Ultimate Guide

You wind up saving some bucks by purchasing them this way. Reggae is a friedpand universe unto itself, an entire musical culture. Designed for the beginning jazz player, this is my first book.

The Working Bassist’s Toolkit Description: Of course, there are lots of great tracks to play with.

slsp The Dvd also contains some advanced tricks for the Slapper who may think they may know it all. Ed Friedland is one of those rare musicians who can both play and teach. Perfect for new slappers, this DVD starts right at the very beginning. This is a great introduction to the Slap bass.